Belik Zhanna

The Iconostasis of the Russian Church-monument in Leipzig: History of Creation, Historical and Cultural Significance

Belik Zhanna (2017) "The Iconostasis of the Russian Church-monument in Leipzig: History of Creation, Historical and Cultural Significance ", Vestnik Pravoslavnogo Sviato-Tikhonovskogo gumanitarnogo universiteta. Seriia V : Voprosi istorii i teorii hristianskogo iskusstva, 2017, vol. 27, pp. 89-110 (in Russian).

DOI of the paper: 10.15382/sturV201727.89-110


The article studies a significant complex of icons painted in the Moscow workshop of Nikolay Sergeyevich Yemelyanov in 1912-1913, including a seven-tier iconostasis, altar and church images located in the St. Alexis church-monument of Russian Glory in Leipzig. The local row and several other icons are decorated with silver basma revetments made by the Imperial Court supplier “The Association of the Manufacture of Silver, Gold and Jewelry Khlebnikov's sons and Co.” Restorer and iconographer Nikolay Yemelyanov is known for his works at the Feodorovsky Cathedrals in St. Petersburg and in Tsarskoye Selo, the Imperial Family residence. The article introduces a large icon ensemble, which has been preserved in the “native interior” outside of Russia, to scientific circulation; the other identified Yemelyanov icons are kept in museum and private collections. The article contains archival biographical information about the iconostasis masters, in particular unknown earlier the date of birth of the iconographer on April 28, 1879. The style of icons reflects the processes of scientific study of Ancient Russian art occurred at that time and attempts to reconstruct medieval icon painting. At the same time, artistic processes went within the prevailing Art Nouveau style reflected in unexpected color scheme and composition, free operation and simultaneously comprehension of iconography. Yemelyanov icons replaced Mstera paintings and show a style of preferences of cultural elite, testify to the undoubted personal support of the style he developed at the highest state level. The Revolution interrupted artistic carrier of great iconographer. There are relatively few remaining icons; church-monument in Leipzig has the largest collection.


Icon, iconostasis, iconographer Nikolay Sergeyevich Yemelyanov, Russian church-monument, Leipzig, St. Alexis Metropolitan of Moscow, St. Alexis church-monument of Russian Glory in Leipzig, Feodorovsky Cathedral, Khlebnikov, Basma, Russian style, art nouveau, Imperial Court supplier, Imperial Court supplier, architect V. A. Pokrovsky


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