Feliksov Sergej

The "Unabridged Church Slavonic Dictionary" by archpriest Grigory Dyachenko as a lexicographic textbook of orthodox culture of the late 19th — early 20th century

Feliksov Sergej (2017) "The "Unabridged Church Slavonic Dictionary" by archpriest Grigory Dyachenko as a lexicographic textbook of orthodox culture of the late 19th — early 20th century ", Vestnik Pravoslavnogo Sviato-Tikhonovskogo gumanitarnogo universiteta. Seriia IV : Pedagogika. Psihologiia, 2017, vol. 47, pp. 63-76 (in Russian).

DOI of the paper: 10.15382/sturIV201747.63-76


This article deals with the theological and pedagogical aspect of the Unabridged Church Slavonic Dictionary (1899–1900) by Archpriest Grigory Dyachenko, which is not studied so far which became one of the last fundamental lexicographic compositions of the Synod period in Russia. The article ascertains the volume and analyses the content of materials in the fi elds of biblical studies, liturgics, heresiology, church history, dogmatic and moral theology as well as canon law included in the dictionary. Besides, the article establishes the main circle of lexicographic and theological sources employed by G. Dyachenko. Based on the fi ndings of the article, the author makes the conclusion that the Dictionary by G. Dyachenko cannot be regarded as an independent scholarly work in respect of theology. At the same time, it represents an educational encyclopedia on the Orthodox culture that contains well-arranged and rich material, set out in accordance with main principles of pedagogy and standards of educational and scientifi c style.


Orthodox pedagogy, Orthodox theology, Orthodox culture, Archpriest Grigory Dyachenko, 20th century, church lexicography, lexicographic textbook, Church Slavonic dictionary, theological terminology, Church Slavonic language


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Feliksov Sergej

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The article is written in 2017 within the framework of the project "The Church and the school in Russia in the period 1900-1918." supported by PSTGU Development Foundation.