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Тяглова С. А., Колбаса В. А. Развитие интереса к хоровому пению у детей в воскресной школе // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия IV: Педагогика. Психология. 2022. Вып. 65. С. 120-129. DOI: 10.15382/sturIV202265.120-129
The article considers the possibilities of solving the problem of spiritual and moral education of the younger generation by means of choral singing in Sunday school. It was choral singing and the church that were originally inseparable in the history of Russian culture. The authors consider the reasons for the lack of interest in singing among children in Sunday schools (a small amount of time for rehearsals, an audience of different ages, etc.), and ways to solve this problem are presented. The article considers the concept of interest and ways of its development in the scientific and methodological literature, the history of the formation of Sunday schools in Russia, the possibility of developing morality and spirituality of children by means of choral art. The results of a survey of parishioners of the temples of the Tobolsk-Tyumen Diocese are presented in order to identify the interest of respondents in the development of children's choral singing in the temple. Based on the results obtained, and the experience of the authors in this field, methodological recommendations were developed for developing children's interest in joint singing in the conditions of Sunday school classes.
children's choir, choral singing, Sunday school, Russian choral music, interest, art
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Tyaglova Svetlana
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