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Силаева И. А. Проблемы истории сибирской церкви в работах Н. Н. Оглоблина // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия II: История. История Русской Православной Церкви. 2016. Вып. 2 (69). С. 7-21. DOI: 10.15382/sturII201669.7-21
Plural document files of Siberia from Siberian order`s archival fund were researched by N. N. Ogloblin and left him as scientific heritage, gave an extensive idea of many parties from history of the Tobolsk archdiocese and the Siberian churches 17th — the first years of the 18th centuries. The main activity of the Siberian archbishops were Distribution of Christianity and divine service literature. The new founded cities and jails need the divine service literature, and the priests invited to Siberia brought with themselves books necessary for service. In the 17th century the Christian outlook dominated, than and the researcher explains abundance of theological literature. The need for receipt of printing books was understood by the population of the first Siberian cities and jails. In the 17th century in Siberia books extended among local population as in printing, and in the hand-written as N. N. Ogloblin shows. Among adherents of old believe literature there were many peasants getting and copying forbidden books. In the period of board of the Siberian archbishops in the 17th century their activity was always accompanied false reports, which negatively affected for relationship between Moscow government and bishops. The changed attitude of the Moscow government towards bishops after false reports promoted intervention of the secular authorities in spiritual affairs for the purpose as priests`s submission. The documents considered by N. N. Ogloblin, thus, reflect not only diff erent aspects of activity of the first Siberian bishops, but testify to the various parties of early history of the Tobolsk arkhiyepiskopiya, and also a number of the Siberian churches 17th — the first years of the 18th centuries. N. N. Ogloblin carefully considered diplomas, formal replies, petitions, memories and other forms of office-work of the Tobolsk hierarchal house and the Moscow orders, reflecting history of the Siberian episcopal chair of the first decades of its existence. At the beginning of Kiprian’s svyatitelstvo the hostile attitude towards him Tobolsk voivode boyar M. M. Godunov and his environment was found. Contention between the secular and spiritual power repeated at archbishops Nektariya and Gerasim who happened to combat careless voivodes and sluzhily people often. On N. N. Ogloblin’s supervision, since the very first years of a svyatitelstvo of Simeon there were aversions of the secular and spiritual authorities in Tobolsk.
history, N. N. Ogloblin, Siberia, church, Siberian diocese, Tobolsk, archbishop, metropolitan, the 17th century, petitions, diplomas.

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