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Пенская Д. С. Плавание со Христом. «Деяния Андрея и Матфия» как один из источников «Сказания отца нашего Агапия» // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия III: Филология. 2015. Вып. 4 (44). С. 35-49. DOI: 10.15382/sturIII201544.35-49
The paper deals with the lesser-known Byzantine apocryphon «The narration of our father Agapius». This text presumably goes back to the 4th‒6th centuries. The «Narration» was very popular in the Slavonic literature. As for its Greek version, it is preserved in two manuscripts of the 15th and 16th centuries. The Greek original of the «Narration» remains little known even to specialists in the fi eld. The paper examines the problem of possible sources of the «Narration». We presume that the apocryphon Acta Andreae et Matthiae apud anthropophagos, popular in the Сhristian world, served as one of the sources of certain episodes, motifs and images of the «Narration». In both texts one can find the images of Christ-helmsman and of the miraculous non-diminishing bread as well as the symbolic communion with this bread that takes place aboard the ship. There are almost no lexical parallels between the two texts. In several cases, certain episodes of the «Narration» look like a paraphrase of Acta. In both texts it is the Lord incarnated as a man or a child who leads the characters on their way to the other world. The image of the way is symbolic; it shows the spiritual path from blindness to divine knowledge.
Byzantine literature, acts of apostles, hagiography, apocryphon, journey to a miraculous land, monasticism, Narratio Agapii, Acta Andreae et Matthiae apud anthropophagos.

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