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Никитюк О. П. Работа регента с основными исполнительскими составами приходских храмов Киева на рубеже ХХ–ХХI вв. Общие характеристики и отличия // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия V: Вопросы истории и теории христианского искусства. 2016. Вып. 2 (22). С. 142-155. DOI: 10.15382/sturV201622.142-155
The aim of the work was to consider the activities of Regent’s work in parish modern church-singing practice; to find similarities and differences between the work of the regent and regent-choirmaster; identify repertoire and performing tasks; identify the problems associated with the level of professional music education of singers and regents. The conventional groups of church choirs are formed in the article. They are united by different levels of music education: professional large choir — parish ensemble; professional choral ensemble of the church — parish ensemble; and a group of church choral groups, equal in their professional musical training: a large professional choir — professional choral ensemble. The study detailed the main directions of functioning and management of parish amateur and professional church choral ensemble. It marked the direction of the evolution of manual conductor's art. Comparative characteristics of the regent’s work with three existing types of church choirs showed that at the present stage of parish life the main singing group becomes the professional choral ensemble, which in turn requires the highest professional knowledges and skills of a regent and singers. Modern parochial practice gives regent an impulse for solving urgent problems and challenges related to the work of professional church choral ensemble.
choir conductor, choirmaster, choir ensemble, choir, manual technique, conducting, singers, liturgical singing, amateur ensemble, parish singing.

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