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Лабазова А. С. Службы Сретению Владимирской иконы Божией Матери по рукописям из собрания Разумовского. РГБ. № 65, 66 // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия V: Вопросы истории и теории христианского искусства. 2016. Вып. 1 (21). С. 39-48. DOI: 10.15382/sturV201621.39-48
The present article is devoted to research of church services to the Candlemas of the icon of the Mother of God «Vladimirskaya» represented in the manuscripts of the Russian State Library, collection of Razumovsky No. 65, 66. Three dates of celebration — May 21, June 23 and August 26 — are appointed for the celebration of various events regarding to the icon of the Mother of God «Vladimirskaya», however, duplicates of church services at the collection of Razumovsky are connected with one festival — Candlemas of the icon. Church services to the Candlemas of the icon of the Mother of God «Vladimirskaya» from these manuscripts are most complete and vivid among the known for today according to the musical and poetical point of view. Duplicates of church services on May 21 and June 23 represent various editions of the same poetic text and form up to three various editions of a single musical-poetic composition inside the order of church service. Therefore the dublicates of the church services on May 21 and June 23 in this work are considered separately from the order of service on August 26. In each of the duplicates we consider the structure, analyze the poetic of the text, distinguish types of chants and the presence of different editions. Among the services themselves revealed the existence of common texts, determined the degree of independence of each church service, analyzed poetic and musical content of the sticherons, the issue of the multichantness in church services is touched upon.
icon of the Mother of God «Vladimirskaya», manuscripts of the collection of Razumovsky, Stichirarium, church services, structure, musical-poetic version of the text manuscript, type of chant.

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