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Красовская Н. А. Составление Словаря тульских говоров: основные проблемы // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия III: Филология. 2015. Вып. 1 (41). С. 71-80. DOI: 10.15382/sturIII201541.71-80
The paper deals with main problems that are encountered when compiling the wordlist of a dialect dictionary in contemporary conditions when archaic dialect systems are rapidly disintegrating. So far, there has been no lexicographic description of Tula dialect vocabulary. However, small wordlists are found in works of ethnographers, historians, philologists of the 19th century, e.g. V. A. Lyovshin, A. G. Zelenetsky, E. F. Budde. Their wordlists had different aims, and therefore different scope and format. Producing the new dictionary involves a range of problems, such as distinguishing between the dialect and colloquialisms, incorporating vocabulary related to handicrafts into the wordlist. Due to the fact that many archaic lexical entities have gone out of active use, the authors of the «Materials for the dictionary of Tula dialects» reserve the right to draw on ethnographic works and various encyclopaedias as sources for the dictionary. Naturally, the structure of the entry in this case has some specific features. A separate problem is including dialect words from literary texts of those writers who originate from Tula oblast. So far, this problem has not been completely resolved. A possible solution is that in this case lexemes should be treated individually. On the whole, the authors of the dictionary tend to take a flexible approach to the material in question.
dialect, lexeme, dialects of Tula oblast, folklore, traditions, literary texts, lexicography, dialectology.

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