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Коцюба В. И. О некоторых аспектах жизни и философии протоиерея Ф. А. Голубинского // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия I: Богословие. Философия. 2012. Вып. 2 (40). С. 32-45.
This article describes a few aspects of the life and work of Feodor Golubinsky, a noted professor of philosophy of the Moscow Theological Academy of the first half of the nineteenth century. It analyses the context of the time in which he lived and in which he formulated his philosophical and theological views, as well as Golubinsky’s thoughts on masonry and the mystical tradition. Finally Golubinsky’s opinion of the thought of F. Sidonsky and N. P. Gilyarov-Platonov is compared with that of Metropolitan Philaret (Drozdov).
Коцюба В. И. Лекции протоиерея Феодора Голубинского как предмет историко-философского анализа // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия I: Богословие. Философия. 2013. Вып. 5 (49). С. 43-59.
The author proposes historical, philosophical and theological commentary to a certain part of the Lections on metaphysics and conceptual theology composed by Feodor Golubinsky, a noted Professor of philosophy of the Moscow Theological Academy of the first half of the nineteenth century. Particular attention is paid to the Golubinsky’s opinion of metaphysics, philosophical tasks, correlation of Providence and human will, Gregory Palamas’ teaching. Critical commentary of Golubinsky’s lections made by Professor N. Gavryushin is involved as a special view. Analysis of the lections abstract, archive heritage of Golubinsky and historical context let the author to conclude that the positive attitude towards Golubinsky’s philosophy and orthodox convictions, which took place in his contemporary philosophical environment (G. Shpet, V. Zenkovsky), looks sufficient. Golubinsky’s opinion in the appraisal of Wolffianism and P. Bayle’s view on the question of free will agrees with the Patristic tradition, and in theological issues covered in his lections including those of Gregory Palamas’ teaching, coincides with the Palamite theology. Author also attends the question of correlation of the Christian faith and the free philosophic thinking touched upon by N. Gavriushin in his critics of Golubinsky’s lections. In this theme author analyzes many questions: conception of a free thinking, Golubinsky’s view on competence differentiation of theology and philosophy, and on relationship between theology and philosophy. Special attention is paid to the question of possible belonging of Golubinsky to the supporters of thesis «philosophy is servant for theology» while citing saint Theophan the Recluse’s sayings about correlation of Christian faith with the science and free thinking.
Theological Academies, F. Golubinsky, Theology, Christian philosophy, Freedom, Providence, Gregory Palamas, Tabor Light, metaphysics, Wolffi anism
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