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Милякова Л. Б., Зюзина И. А. Нереализованный проект: Московский кремль как музейный город // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия II: История. История Русской Православной Церкви. 2013. Вып. 6 (55). С. 111-126.
The published document «The Adaptation’s Project of the Moscow Kremlin’s Building to a Museum city» has appeared on June, 17th, 1917 in the time of the Provisional government. This is the typewritten text publishing by means of a hectograph. Authors of the document — the outstanding Russian art workers: architect R. I. Klein, critic I. E. Grabar, collector E. F. Vishnevsky, professor of the Moscow State University P. Langovoj and architect-collector I. A. Kuznetsov. All of them were the part of the Commission of the protection of the Kremlin and the Moscow palaces and the takeover of palace property (March 1917 — spring of 1918) that existed at the Moscow municipal duma. The project had a unique large-scale character: it suggested to convert the Kremlin into the basic Moscow museum centre and to concentrate all available museum and private collections in the center. The knowledge of the condition of the Kremlin relics and monuments and the plan’s scrupulousness distinguished this Project. The project has not been discussed in a press, did not become public, however domestic historians remember it.
the Moscow Kremlin, a museum city, Russian art workers, collectors, monuments’ protection, the Commission of the protection of the Kremlin and Moscow palaces, R. I. Klein, I. E. Grab
Miliakova Lidiia
Ziuzina Irina