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Свиридов В. А., Дрозд Е. В., Дрозд А. В. Духовное воспитание курсантов в военно-учебных заведениях Министерства обороны РФ // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия IV: Педагогика. Психология. 2015. Вып. 2 (37). С. 30-40. DOI: 10.15382/sturIV201537.30-40
The issues of spiritual and moral-spiritual education of cadets in military academies of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are discussed. The principles which form the basis of cadets’ education are specified. Two basic approaches to understanding of the spirituality problem are identified and discussed. The concept of spirituality is analyzed in terms of the Christian tradition in orthodox Russia. Unique knowledge of how native and foreign writers, thinkers and intellectuals treat the importance of spirituality for military men education is presented. Besides, excerpts from archive sources of statutes that point out the relevance of cultivation of moral values for high moral and psychological situation in the army are provided. It has been shown that the ideas of spirituality and love for country and God were inextricably intertwined in Russia over the course of history. The authors present a system of spiritual education of cadets as a component of the educational environment of military academies of Russia. The authors suggest measures that, in the opinion of the authors, contribute to the moral and spiritual education of future officers in the context of military academy’s educational environment.
spiritual education, military higher education establishment, religion, tradition, orthodoxy, citizenship, love of country, educational environment, motherland, army.

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Sviridov Vladimir
Drozd Evgenii
Drozd Andrei