Paper reviewing procedure of the Journal

1.1. This document sets out requirements of one of the print periodicals published by St. Tikhon's Orthodox University for the Humanities (hereafter University): St. Tikhon's University Review. Series I: Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies; Series II: History. History of Russian Orthodox Church; Series III: Philology; Series IV: Pedagogy. Psychology; Series V: Problems of History and Theory of Christian Art (hereafter Journal).

1.2. The author submits the paper to the Editorial Board through the system of Electronic editorial office (Online Submissions). The paper should comply with the Author Guidelines and Submission guidelines of the Journal.

1.3. The author chooses the series of the Journal him-/herself.

1.4. The submitted paper is sent to members of the Editorial Board of the series chosen by the author.

1.5. In the reviewing procedure, the Editorial Board follows principles set out in the Publishing ethics.

1.6. The Editorial Board checks the paper for plagiarism (inappropriately borrowed ideas, quotations with no indication of the source or their presentation as own achievements). If plagiarism is detected, the paper is rejected automatically.

1.7. The reviewers should be acknowledged experts in the field of the reviewed paper and should have publications in this field in the last 3 years.

1.8. The reviewers are notified that the paper submitted for reviewing is private property of the author and the data contained in it is confidential. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of submitted papers for their own needs.

1.9. The policy of double-blind reviewing is employed. The reviewing is confidential and is sent to the author on his/her written request, without the signature and without indicating the name, position and affiliation of the reviewer. Breach of confidentiality is only possible in the case of the reviewer's statement about the falsity or falsification of data contained in the paper.

1.10. The review is done in accordance with the review criteria (see Appendix 1) and the review form (Appendix 2).

1.11. The review is done within no longer than 90 days from the date of submission the paper to the Editorial Board.

1.12. The review can be exposed on request from the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

1.13. If the paper is recommended by reviewers for publication, the paper and the reviews are considered by the Editorial Board. The favourable review itself is not a sufficient basis for publication. The decision about the publication is taken by the Editorial Board and is stated in the protocol.

1.14. If the reviewer suggests that the submitted paper should be revised, the paper is sent back to the author for revision and amendments. In this case the date of submitting the paper to the Editorial Board becomes the date of submitting the revised version. Recommendations as to the improvements in the paper are offered by Editorial Board members on the basis of an expert review. No more than two revisions of the submitted paper are permitted.

1.15. If the reviewer does not recommend the paper for publication, the review and the paper are discussed by Editorial Board members. In special cases, at the request of an Editorial Board member, the Board reserves the right to still publish the paper or to send it to a different reviewer.

1.16. In the case of two unfavorable reviews the paper is rejected.

1.17. The Editorial Board informs the author about the decision taken and sends him or her the reviews or the rejection note. The Editorial Board is also obliged to send the reviews to the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation if such request is made.

1.18. The review is done in electronic form at Online submissions and is accessible to the author in his/her user account. Reviews are kept in the system of Online submissions for no less than 5 years.

1.19. Papers submitted to the following sections of the Journal are not reviewed: Publications, Reviews, Current Events.

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