Khaustova Nadezhda

Creativity as an aspect of soul development and personality education in the works of Simeon Lyudvigovich Frank

Khaustova Nadezhda (2013) "Creativity as an aspect of soul development and personality education in the works of Simeon Lyudvigovich Frank ", Vestnik Pravoslavnogo Sviato-Tikhonovskogo gumanitarnogo universiteta. Seriia IV : Pedagogika. Psihologiia, 2013, vol. 30, pp. 93-99 (in Russian).


The article is devoted to research of creativity as an aspect of spiritual development and education of the identity of a person in Simeon Lyudvigovich Frank's philosophical heritage. The philosopher considers creative process as the process of unceasing formation of a personality, its continuous moral improvement. The views of S. L. Frank on creativity as the most important fundamental existential generic characteristic of a person are considered in the article. God defines life of a person as «free self-life» and a being in which he continues creation of the world. Lack of creativity testifies to an abnormal condition of a person. This is creative spiritual activity of a person that brings something new in life. A human as a person has the aspiration to creative activity which carries out the phenomena with their own internal value. On the basis of methodology of complete approach to development of a human, his personal, spiritual ascension the author comes to the conclusion that creativity is the basis of development of the person and guarantee of his moral behavior. Since a person can develop only in live communication with God and in creative disclosure, Frank considers the care of the spiritual — moral and creative development of the personality as the most important debt of the person. Frank defines creativity as «something» that does not belong to objective reality, but partially originates from reality as existing potentiality which he defines as life in the form of self-creativity. On the one hand, creation is born from inspiration, thus the artist only participates in expression of reality in the objective world. On the other hand — the result of creativity clears only when the artist has made the necessary action for the expression of «something» from his soul.


creativity, personality, art, soul, soul life, spirit, consciousness, selfconsciousness, self, morals, objective reality, spiritual reality


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