Information for Authors
St. Tikhon’s University Review. Series II: History. Russian Church History

We accept papers only through Online Submissions. Papers are subject to an obligatory procedure of reviewing, based on the results of which the Editorial Board takes a decision as to accepting the paper for publication or rejecting it. The author of the rejected paper has the right to request from the Editorial Board the review that explains reasons for the rejection. 

According to the decision of the Editorial Board, St. Tikhon's University Review. Series II: History; History of Russian Orthodox Church does not publish the following materials:

  • papers that are not in line with the scope of the Journal;
  • papers in which the title and/or the problem statement do not correspond to the main texts and conclusions; 
  • pseudo-scientific or anti-Christian materials;
  • papers that do not take into account recent scientific literature relevant to the topic;
  • papers with no or insufficient account of previous research, or papers in which most references refer to publications of the author him-/herself;
  • oral presentations or reports which are not designed as an academic paper;
  • materials that had already been published, including in the Internet, in other languages, or fragmentarily;
  • materials that contain inappropriate borrowings (plagiarism);
  • materials that do not follow the Editorial Style;
  • materials not following norms of the standard language.

Authors should especially consider the suitability of their materials for the topic range of the Journal. The Journal publishes papers on problems of world history and Russian history. Particular attention is paid to church history, namely to such issues as problems of development of the church organisation, relations between church and state, church and society as well as interconfessional relations, source criticism and historiography of church history, biographical studies of church figures, including theologians. Papers dealing with theology and religious philosophy with no connection to a specific historical situation should be submitted to St. Tikhon's University Review. SeriesI: Theology; Philosophy; Religious Studies.

The Editorial Board of the Journal is divided into three workgroups, each dealing with specific topic range. Accordingly, submitting his/her paper through Online Submission, the author should choose the workgroup that is appropriate for the topic of the paper.

The workgroup History (1st and 4th issues of the Journal) deals with materials on world and Russian history as well as the history of ancient churches, local Orthodox churches and Western confessions. The workgroup accepts papers on all aspects of Russian history (including church history) till the 18th century. Papers on the history of Russian Orthodox church in 18th-20th centuries should be submitted to the workgroup History of Russian Orthodox Church (issues 2, 3, 6 of the Journal). Papers dealing with history of theology and theological education should be submitted to the group History of Theology (5th issue).

It is also advised to take into account the size of submitted materials. The recommended size is 40,000 characters with spaces, including footnotes. However, the Editorial Board admits the reasonable extension of the size up to 50,000 characters. Papers with size less than 20,000 characters are rejected. For reviews, the recommended size is 8,000–15,000 characters. However, it may be extended if a clear explanation is provided, e.g. if the review deals with several books. Reviews with the size not exceeding 8,000 characters are not considered. The size of materials in the section Publications can be up to 120,000 characters with spaces, including the introductory text.

Reviews of books published earlier than two years before the publication of the review are not considered, e.g. if the review is published in 2017, the book reviewed should be published no earlier than in 2015. Reviews-announcements which announce the publication of a book or summarise its content are not considered either. The review should present main ideas of the book and show its place in the contemporary academic context. Criticism is also welcome as long as it follows academic ethics. The review may be provided with its own title, but as a rule reviews are published untitled. If the review deals with a collection of papers, it is advisable not to describe each paper, but to summarise main ideas and tendencies that can be traced in the material of the entire volume.

As a rule, the same author can publish a paper in St. Tikhon's University Review. Series II only once a year. For this reason, the journal does not publish series of papers, nor does it divide papers, apart from those cases when they are commissioned by the Editorial Board or the Editorial Board is interested in the continuation of the paper. This limitation does not concern materials published in the sections Reviews and Publications.