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Грезин И. И. Из истории строительства русских храмов в Швейцарии // Вестник ПСТГУ. Серия II: История. История Русской Православной Церкви. 2014. Вып. 1 (56). С. 137-144. DOI: 10.15382/sturII201456.137-144
In this article the history of Russian orthodox churches in Switzerland is considered together with the history of Russian local colonies. Author exposes thoroughly the external context and internal conditions, in which two main church buildings — the Exaltation of the Cross church in Geneva and the St. Barbara church in Vevey — were founded and raised. These two churches remained up to nowadays the only in Switzerland, placed in the building, which were from the very beginning constructed as russian orthodox churches.
Russian Orthodoxy abroad, church buildings in Switzerland

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