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"Instructions" by Charles Borromeo as a supplement to decress of Trent Council 1909
Easter cakes on Instagram. Spectalisation of Easter by young russian women 1699
Substantiations of the Existence of God: new attempt of classificatory analysis 1307
Orthodoxy in Spain: a difficult path to the formation and development of the Orthodox Church 1211
Tyconius Afer. Commentary on the Apocalypse (Rev 2-3) 1107
Reality and finction of the coptic hagiographers (Diocletian’s image in the literature of cycles, mid-7th — mid-8th cc.) 1088
On some changes in the choir and liturgical practice of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century 1072
Social and spatial mobility of Moscow merchants according to the records of the VIIIth (1833-1834) and Xth (1857-1858) poll-tax registers (revisions) 1050
Attraction of the opposites: reception of the Theory of Evolution in Young Earth creationists 1014
Canonised while still alive... Ministry of the confessor of the faith archpriest Alexander Makov (1881‒1985) in Kuban’ region and in Chernigov 926
Toward the Question of the Victims' Number of Political Repressions for Orthodox Belief in Russia in ХХ century 871
St. Maxim the Confessor’s Doctrine of the Image and Likeness to God in Man: Aspect of Synergia 783
Educational preferences of the Russian nobility: the case of generals of the second half of XVIII - first quarter of XIX century 775
On Forthcoming Perspectives of Solidarity: Religion and Morality in E. Durkheim’ Social Theory 772
Religiosity and basic values of Russians (based on the European Social Survey and Orthodox Monitor) 770
The Problem of Evil: Theodicy and Argumentation 763
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev 760
Passion of St. Crispina 754
Autocephaly “ready to move in”: some facts from the history of the Polish Church of 1924 754
Orthodox manuals on preparation for confession of the 17th century and their sources: “Наука о тайне Св. Покаяния” (Kiev, 1671) 745
God as Intellect in the philosophical Theology of Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus. 735
Is it easy to conquer the fortress of rational theology? 717
On the question of the existence of "the Catholic group" at Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery (based on materials of the investigation file of 1935) 714
Tyconius Afer. Commentary on the Apocalypse (Rev. 4-5) 706
Changes in the Order of Matins during the Reform of Liturgical Books in Moscow in the 17th Century 696
Ennius. Annales. Book I (translation, commentary) 696
The Patterns of Patristic Exegesis of Genesis 3. 22 Fragment "Behold, the Man is Become as One of Us" 690
Who was Jesus of Nazareth: Reconstructions of the Historical Jesus from the Late 20th to the Beginning of the 21st Century 685
"Are you in unity with matropolitan Sergy or in separation?" The correapondence of hieromartyr Seraphim (Samoylovich), Archbishop of Uglich with hieromartyr Veniamin (Voskresensky), Bishop of Romanov (1928-1929) 683
Proofs for the existence of God in medieval Islamic Theology (Kalam) 673
From Sin to Salvation. Delight, «Delectatioin» St. Augustine’s Philosophy 668
Use​ ​of​ ​quantitative​ ​corpus​ ​methods​ ​for​ ​detection​ ​of​ ​Slavonicisms​ ​in​ ​modern​ ​Russian 667
Image of the Church in Works by Holy Martyr Damascene Tsedrik 667
Ovidius moralizatus by Pierre Bersuire: target audience, exegetical and ideological context 666
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruev (много-множу) 664
The enigma of the social relationship: prolegomena to a realist relational sociology 662
Secondary sources about calendar aspect of baptism and name choice in Medieval Rus’ 658
Essence-energy distinction in the light of Byzantine ontology 644
On old wineskins of rational theology and new wine of faith 644
The World War I influence on Russia and Germany 641
Beauty after Aesthetics: The Appearance of a New Theological Category 640
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev 639
Arguments for the Existence of God in the Francisco Suarez’ "Metaphysical Disputations" 639
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev 636
Liturgical aspects of J. J. Overbeck's project of revival of the Orthodoxy of the Western rite 636
Arutyunova-Fidanyan V. A. The Narratio de rebus Armeniae (7th cent.) and the Typicon by Gregory Pakurian (11th cent.): the Greek language of the Armeno-Chalcedonian literary works 632
Worldview of Evgeny Trubetskoy as evidenced by his Master's Dissertation "Worldview of St. Augustine" 631
A dictionary of locutons from liturgical books by protopriest a. I. Nevostruev (мужатая – мѵрный) 629
Merezhkovski and Napoleon 626
Metaphysics of the cosmological argument and some possible tasks of theistic proofs 625
Slavniki in the singing book of "Prazdniki" (“Feasts”) as a text of art 624
Lexis of slavonic origin in Paul of Aleppo's Journal 619
Contemporary Continental Philosophical Theology: Phenomenological-Hermeneutical Approach 616
Problems of the chronology of life and spiritual musical legacy of A. F. Lvov 613
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev 608
Epistemology or Mystagogue? Concept of living religion in works by Pavel Florensky 606
On the threshold of Modernity: Theology in the sixteen century 606
Argument from Design in Richard Baxter's Natural Theology 601
Midrash in the New Testament: John vs. Synoptikoi 601
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (Изчищаю — истляю) 599
Ivan V. Kireevsky (1806 – 1856) and his lessons for contemporary philosophy 597
Byzantine Oecumene in the Iconoclast Controversy 595
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev 592
Error of perspective, or once agai on Russia and Europe 590
Philosophy and Theology in Karl Barth’s Neo-Orthodoxy 589
"Disciplina clericorum" on VI century Sardinia according to the letters of Gregory the Great 586
God and Possible worlds 584
Cicero’s Religiology with the treatise “De Natura Deorum” as an example 583
Karl Rahner, Walter Kasper and Hans Kung on the Current State, Problems and Dimensions of Contemporary theology 582
Church parties in the Arian controversy: problems of typologization 581
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev 578
Franklin Roosevelt, Pius XII, Joseph Stalin and the Problem of the USSR’s Image and Reputation During the Second World War 577
On one unpublished work by saint Dimitry of Rostov 577
Late Luther’s Anthropology: Disputatio de homine (1536) 576
Devision of the weeks in Daniel 9.25: the origin of Theodotion's translation and it's relation to the Masoretic text 574
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev 573
Pope Francis, Second Vatican Council and the New Model of the Catholic Church 573
Psychology of religion in Post-soviet Russia (from the 2000s to the present) 573
Care of Oneself in "Adversus Nationes": Arnobius's Conversion into Christian Educator 572
Physiologists against Theology: Science as a source of Secularization in ideology of scientific materialism in the 19th century 572
Soviet psyhology of religion in 1960–1970s: marginalia 571
Orthodox representations of God and implicit anthropomorphic reasoning 570
Sacerdos vs. Episcopus. The employment of the Treatise de septem ordinibus ecclesiae by Isidore of Seville (a source study) 570
From rational creatures to the rational Creator: ancient and patristic analogies of the “fine-tuning” argument 569
On the history of Grigorian Schism: little-known letter of chairman of the “Temporary Higher Church Council” to the deputy patriarchal locum tenens, 1926 569
Roman council of 382 in the context of ecclesiastical andpolitical activities and ecclesiological views of St. Damasus of Rome and St. Ambrose of Milan 568
“The Disclosure of Divine Liturgy” by Pseudo-Gregory of Nazianz: medieval Slavonic translations and existing scholarly studies of the text 568
Quotations from the dictionary by archpriest A. Nevostruev in the dictionary by archpriest G. D’iachenko 566
Monastic rules of Shenute († 465) 564
From Ethnocentrism to Inculturation. Culture and Civilization in the History of Catholic Mission 563
Plato: from Socrates to Pre-Socratics? 562
Objects of expansion of Byzantina Empire to the East (10th - 11th centuries). Terminology 562
St. Gregory the Theologian and St. Damasus of Rome: comparative analysis of theological and church-political positions 560
Macarius of Sinai’s Treatise “On Fasting during Cheesefare Week” 560
The verbal process as reflected in reading and writing 558
Operationalization in the concept of humility in psychology 558
Orthodoxy, Liberalism, Totalitarianism: History and Contemporaneity (on the place of religion in social and political life) 557
Boxall I. Patmos in the Reception History of the Apocalypse. Oxford, 2013 556
From the History of Islamic Studies: A.-M. Schimmel and Phenomenological Approach to Religion 556
Secundus sine paribus: A Few Remarks about the Attack on the Position of the Moscow Patriarchate on the Problem of Primacy in the Universal Church 554
An Ethiopian Grammar Treatise (Säwasəw) in the Manuscript NLR Eth. n.s. 11 as a Textbook for the Future Metropolitan of Ethiopia 554
Dialectics of the sacred in Soviet visual propaganda of the 1920-60s 553
Actualisation of classic vs. academic history of philosophy (with reference to the article of deacon M. Bulanenko) 552
Philosophy of religion and philosophical theology between faith and knowledge: Russian philosophical spiritualism of the late 19th century (A. Kozlov) 552
Contemporary Protestant Debate on the Atonement 551
Three monks on the edge of the Earth (an Arabic version of the Tale about Macarius the Roman) 551
From the history of Russian religious studies: the concept of Urmonotheismus in Russian academic theological philosophy 550
"Educated, intelligent, rather self-controlled, possessing a good deal of cunning and intellect": on some features of personality of the main renegade of 20th century Alexander Osipov prior to transition to service to the atheistic state 547
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruev 546
International studies of Orthodox Theology: changing of the Paradigm? 545
Religion as a Category of Governance and Sovereignty/// /| T. Stack, N. Goldenberg, T. Fitzgerald, eds. Leiden: Brill, 2015. X, 328 p. 542
How was the Classical Metaphysics Made? 541
Documents of the Ad Hoc Comitee on investigation of crimes of bolsheviks under Commander-in-Chief of Armed forces of the South of Russia as a source for the history of Russian Orthodox Church 541
1st Terek Cossack Division in Donets Region (1919) 539
Using of the Psalm 2 in the Apocalypse 538
Struggle of orthodox clergy against drunkenness in Russian West-Siberian rural areas in the early 20th century 538
Metaphoric and symbolic ontology of orchestra and symphonic metaphysics of Boris Tchaikovsky 537
Boris Stolpner: marxist, philosopher, kabbalist 536
F. C. La Harpe’s report on the education of the grand dukes Alexander and Konstantin during the year 1791 535
“Great enemy of the Vatican and of the Church Union”. Secret services and presbyter Gabriel Kostel’nyk in the contexst of creating the background for the liquidation of the Church Union in the Western Ukraine (1939–1944) 535
The choice of Orthodoxy in conditions of pluralism (Perm' region) 535
First Handbooks on History of Religion and Comparative Religion Abroad 534
To the Roots of Protestant Ecclesiology: Invisible Church, Ecumenism, Branch Theory 533
A Syllabus for Hagiology by Georgy Fedotov 533
“Etsi Deus non daretur” (“as if God does not exist”): Hugo Grotius and Scholastic Theology 533
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev. 532
Dictionary of Locutions from Liturgical Books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (мамона - мжу) 532
The problems of typology of Transcendental Meditation movement (TM) 532
«Dictionary of locutions from liturgical books» by protopriest Alexander Nevostruev 531
The chronology of the “Genealogy of Adam through Noah” (Gen 5) in the edited Slavonicrussian Pentateuch of the 15th century: on the origins of Calendric controversy with the “Judaizers” 531
«Dictionary of locutions from liturgical books» by protopriest Alexander Nevostruev 530
Russian Poll-tax Registers (soul revisions) as a Source for the Historical Demography Studies in the 1950s and 1960s 530
The dialect of Gammalsvenskby: compiling a dictionary of an unexplored language (katlä́t — kimb) 530
“New theology of the priesthood” or theological anticlericalism 530
Evolutionary Role of Religion: Between Adoptation and By-Product 529
Revisiting the Moldavian-Vlachian archetypes in the construction of monastery during the Patriarch Nicon`s period. 529
The eschatological content of the images of Kalki and Buddha Maitreya: the comparative analysis. 528
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (mzda — mnogii) 527
Implementation of creative potential under orthodox singing canon 527
«My Dear Abba!» Letters of St. Martyr Metropolitan Cyril (Smirnov) to St. Martyr Archimandrite Neophyte (Osipov) 1933–1934 526
The Petition of Peter the Great for The Orthodox Christians of Venice as Part of Russia's Foreign Policy (The introductory article, publication and note by A. Υastrebov) 526
Patriarch Tikhon and the Patriarchate of Constantinople: to the question about the causes of the actual breakup of relations 525
On two approaches to the study of the history of philosophy (reply to prof. K. M. Antonov) 525
Support for the poorest strata of population in Central Russia during the First World War (1914-1916) (examplified by Elizabethan Committee) 524
«The Mystery of Iniquity» by Philippe Duplessis-Mornay. On the role of France in support of «black legend» of the Pope Alexander VI 521
Wipper's students 521
"Dictionary of locutions from liturgical books" by protopriest Alexander Nevostruev 520
The Study of the History of Religions in the Communist Academy: from the Cabinet Religious Ideology to Anti-Religious Section 520
Personal Identity and Resurrection from the Dead 520
Lee L. Recognizing the Non-Religious: Reimagining the Secular. Oxford University Press, 2015 517
Metropolitan Evgeny (Bolkhovitinov) is a scholar and enlightener. History of the study of creative heritage. 517
Was Husserl a devout Christian? New study of religious conversions in Vienna in the early 20th century 517
Novgorodian Royal Gates of XV-XVIIth centuries with depictions of the Annunciation and two saint bishops 516
«Dictionary of locutions from liturgical books» by protopriest Alexander Nevostruev (ЗНОЙ ─ ЗЯТЬ И ─ ИЗЛIЯЮСЯ) 516
Traditionalism in Russian pedagogy of the late 19th — early 20th centuries (with Konstantin Pobedonostsev’s and St. John of Kronstadt’s literary works as an example) 516
Рreface 515
About the initial dates of the military campaigns of Muscovy in Ugra: the question of identification and origins of tradition. 515
Mutch A. Religion and National Identity Governing Scottish Presbyterianism in the Eighteenth Century./// Edinburgh University Press, 2015. 515
A Man in the Depths of Meaning (Three S. Frank's Lectures Notes) 514
Hieromartyr’s Serafim (Chichagov) music and its phenomenon in Russian church and secular culture at the turn of XIX-XX centuries 514
Hagiographic topics and its musical reflection in the monastery reflection in the monastery cantata “Reverend hegumen Savva” by G. Dmitriev 514
The rhyme in Marina Tsvetaeva’s ''Poetry of the word'' (with the poem Nebo – sinei znameni! “The sky is bluer than the flag!” as an example) 513
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (краса — кѵропалатъ) 512
The relation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Bolsheviks in 1917–1918 in modern historiography 510
A Conception of Hellenisation of Christianity in the History of Theology 510
Military armor in orthodox iconograpy and liturgy 510
Letter exchange between friends in the enlightenment age: from the history of publication of metropolitan Eugene’s (Bolkhovitinov) letters to his Voronezh friend V. I. Makedonets 510
Designing the study programme for the subject “Orthodox culture” as part of the educational module “Fundamentals of spiritual and moral culture of peoples of Russia” (forms 5‒9) 510
Wisdom of God as Ars Dei Have bl. Augustine: between Neoplatonism and Christianity 509
The Philosophical Theology of Friedrich Schleiermacher 508
From Religious Practices to Religious Narratives as Sense-Making Models Supporting Solidarity in Society 508
On symbols and symbolism in Eusebius’ of Caesarea ‘Demonstartio Evangelica’ 508
Thomson R. W. Saint Basil of Caesarea and Armenian Cosmology. A Study of the Armenian Version of Saint Basil's Hexaemeron and its Infl uence on Medieval Armenian Views about the Cosmos. In aedibus Peeters, 2012 507
Dictionary of Locutions from Liturgical Books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (лавра — лѣха) 507
Rhetoric in European church music of the XVII century 507
Material support of churches in the 19th – early 20th centuries as exemplified by churches in Volokolamsk deanery of Moscow diocese 505
Vocabulary related to the sacrament of confession (excerpts from the french-russian dictionary of religious lexis) 504
The sensus historicus of an allegorical text at the end of the middle ages: the ballad of eustache deschamps devoted to a swallow that hurts with its deceitful tongue 503
Russian Religious Philosophy Between the East and West. The Ways of Russian Sophiology 503
Was Eudocia a reader of Nonnus? 503
Russian deserters of World War I 502
Schäfer Ch. Alfred Rahlfs (1865–1935) und die kritische Edition der Septuaginta. Eine biographisch-wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Studie./// Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2016. 512 S., ind. 502
“Spinoza is without any doubt a kabbalist”: on previously unknown translation of the book Elucadrius Cabbalisticus (“Explanation of Kabbalah”) by Johann Wachter 502
«… Constant wonder of God» 501
Finance and policy in the realization of the church values seized in 1922 500
"The Catechetical Homilies" of Theodore of Mopsuestia: the Publishing History and Their Contents 500
The Idea of Hegel's Pedagogical Heritage of St. Feofan the Recluse 500
Tot sacramenta quot verba. Zur Kommentierung des Apokalypse des Johannes von den Anfaengen bis ins 12. Jahrhundert./// Aschendorff , 2014 500
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (Изчищаю — истляю) 498
The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion/// / L. R. Rambo, Ch. E. Farhadian, eds. Oxford University Press, 2014 498
Early unpublished Russian Translations of Orbis Sensualius Pictus by Jan Amos Comenius 498
Guidance for spiritual mentors. Polemical letters of A. F. Losev in context of discussion about the attitude to july Declaration of metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky) 498
About the history of relations between the church and the state in Estonia in 1948–1953 498
Onto-theology and the Overcoming of Metaphysics: M. Heidegger, J.-L. Marion and Christian Tradition 497
On the Question of the Epiclesis in the ‘Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ’ 497
A. L. Ordin-Nashchokin and the rise of charity movement in Pskov in the end of the 17th – first half of the 18th centuries 497
On the Wave of Spiritual Tension (Late 60s of the 20th Century -the Beginning of the 21th Century) 496
Dictionary of Locutions from Liturgical Books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (лѣчба - лѵрный; магiстрiанъ - малый) 496
Anthropology of St. Theophan the Recluse and the Origin of First Personalistic Concepts in Russian Theology 496
Participation of A. A. Dmitrievsky in the arrangement of church service at Leningrad Theological seminary 496
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by Protopriest A. I. Nevostruyev (Изчищаю — истляю) 495
Beauty in the Apocalypse and the Beauty of the Apocalypse 494
Methodological grounds for the study of textbooks for children’s elementary Orthodox education 494
Financing for Privatdocentur in Russian Imperial Universities: legislation and practice 494
The perception of Old Norse literature in modern Icelandic children’s literature 494
Wooden Chapels in the Russian North and the Arctic Orthodox Traditions 493
The emergence of the confessional theology in Russia (18th – first half of the 19th centuries) 492
Philosophical Theology and Fundamental Theology 491
Epistolary heritage of Saint Nicholas as a source of history Orthodoxy in Japan of the Meiji era 489
In What is However the Novelty of the ³New Atheism´? 489
The role of professor V. I. Dolotsky in the development of Lliturgics as science and academic subject in Russian higher Church education 489
The Greek Orthodox Community of Northern Lebanon in the Beginning of the Ottoman Epoch 489
Interpretation of the contemporary anthropological crisis in Luigi Giussani’s works 488
Old english poetic paraphrases of the song of the three youths from the poems Daniel and Azarias 488
Roman Primacy according to the Africans. Prehistory, Content and Historical Consequences 487
The problem of employment of judaic texts in interpretation of Evangelical material 486
To the Question of Demythologizing of the New Testament Science 485
Die Sextussprueche und ihre Verwandten. Eingeleitet, uebersetzt und mit interpretierenden Essays versehen von Wilfried Eisele, Yury Arzhanov, Michael Durst und Thomas Pitour./// Hrsg. von Wilfried Eisele. Tuebingen: Mohr-Siebeck, 2015 (SAPERE; XXVI) 485
Sermons of martyr Thaddaeus, the archbishop of the Tver diocese 484
Neilos, Metropolitan of Pentapolis and his Role in Greek-Russian Church Relations in the 2nd half of the 19th c. 484
The decline of the doctrine of transcendentals in the ethics Kant's 483
Genre Problems of Question-and-Answer Literature in Context of Late Byzantine Canonical Writing 482
The Iconostasis of the Russian Church-monument in Leipzig: History of Creation, Historical and Cultural Significance 482
Theurgical project of Silver Age: from origins to problem statement 480
The Crucifi xion´ 1708 Vologda Icon Painter Ivan Grigoryev Markov. Features of Style and Iconography 479
The Orthodox Doctrine of Salvation» by Archimandrite Sergius (Stragorodsky) and its criticism by Confessor of the Faith Victor (Ostrovidov) and Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev) 478
Church of St . Catherine in Stuttgart - Quest for the Artistic Image 478
On some features of Theodore Abu Qurrah’s ecclesiology 478
Organization of Sisters of Mercy During World War One 477
Gavrilyuk P. L. Georges Florovsky and the Russian Religious Renaissance./// Oxford University Press, 2013 477
The evolution of ideas about the icon in the Orthodox culture of Russia (second half of XVI – early XVII century) 477
Society and Orthodox Church in the rear province during World War I (based on materials of the city of Tsaritsyn, Saratov Governorate) 477
The biblical-theological work «Thoughts about shame» of st. martyr Neophyte (Osipov) 476
What is Theology? 476
Theological Critique of the "New Atheism" 476
Timpe K. Free Will in Philosophical Theology./// New York; London:Bloomsbury, 2014. 177 p. 476
Philosophical Theology in Topicality and History 476
Сhristian Philosophy of Religion: Essays in Honor of Stephen Davis / C. P. Ruloff , ed. University of Notre Dame Press, 2014 475
“This wealth is for no good”: Church land ownership as source of financial security of parish clergy of Central Black Earth in the second half — beginning of the 20th century 475
St. Seraphim (Sobolev) and the “Case of prince Lobanov-Rostovsky” 475
Some Peculiarities of the Liturgical Dialogues Before Anaphora and Communion in the "Testament of Our Lord" 474
“The Russian graves”: I.A. Sikoskij and V.V. Rosanov on psychology of “sectarianism”. 474
Theoretical background of future teachers’ training for educational activity in the system of general and supplementary education 474
Problem of the consciousness of Christ in russian theology: christology of St. Innokenty (Borisov) and bishop Ioann (Sokolov) 474
Soviet Philosophers and Religion: Case of Il’enkov (Marxism as Philosophy of Life and Blank Spot of Death) 473
The Russian Orthodox Church in the occupied territories of the Caucasus in August 1942 — February 1943 471
Wilgelm Worringer: Feeling the Abstraction 471
Beginning of Anti-Clerical Terror During the October Revolution 471
The Last Years of Paul. Essays from the Tarragona Conference, June 2013 /// A. Puig i Tarrech, J. M. G. Barclay, J. Frey eds., O. McFarland assist. Mohr Siebeck, 2015. 471
Lundhaug H., Jenott L. The monastic Origins of the Nag Hammadi Codices.///Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2015 (Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum; 97). XVI, 339 p. 471
Teologia, Theology and Museology: Discussion on P. Mikhaylov’s Opinion 470
On the beginning of Altai spiritual mission 470
Time of creative unification of all active spiritual powers is coming 470
Christ as main foundation of theology and spiritual experience of Ambrose of Milan 470
Theodore abu Qurrah As a polemicist with Monophysites 469
M. R. Štefanik’s attitude to Russia, Revolution 1917 and bolshevism 469
Ontological argument in Neo-Scholastic and Neo-Thomist theology: content and fucntions 469
Features of investgation of the NKVD against the clergy during the «Great terror» 1937–1938s 468
«Intellegentia simplicitatis»: the Doctrine of Divine simplicity in Marius Victorinus: its philosophical Sources and theological Significance 468
Rev.op.: Miladinova N. The Panoplia Dogmatike by Euthymios Zygadenos. A Study on the First Edition Published in Greek in 1710. Brill, 2014 467
"I Am Merciless in Leading Strategic Battle Against Black-Hundred Clergy". Member of the Renovationist VCU "Archpriest" Boris Dikarev’s Reports to the GPU 467
The Catholic Communities of the Sisters of Mercy in the Russian Empire 467
Name and Energy: Between the Substance and the Hypostasis (On Some Topics of the Present-Day Criticism of Imiaslavie) 467
Dmitryevsky A.A. Books correction at Nikon. 465
«The mission of the russian intelligentsia» in the works of Lev Tikhomirov 465
“Hellenic religion of suffering God” in the “Philosophy of cult” of priest Pavel Florensky: formulating the problem 465
Yesterday's fish in tomorrow's science: magic as part of the history of philosophy 464
Mythopoetic strategies of V. I. Ivanov and I. F. Annensky and the formation of acmeist mythopoetics 464
Apostle Peter and the «Acacian schism» 463
Characteristics of Involvement of the People of Belarus into Religion: The Worldview Dimension 463
Pilgrimage of West Siberian Residents to Palestine at the end of XIX – beginning of XX century 462
«Parousia» in the 1 Thessalonians of St. Paul on the Untranslability of Some Eschatological Notions 462
Єленський В. Велике повернення: релігія у глобальній політиці та міжнародних відносинах кінця ХХ - початку XXI століття. Видавництво Українського католицького університету, 2013 462
A Companion to Priesthood and Holy Orders in the Middle Ages/// / G. Peters, C. Colt Anderson, eds. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2016 (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition; 62). 434 p. 462
Schedtler J. J. A Heavenly Chorus. The Dramatic Function of the Revelation’s Hymns. Mohr-Siebeck, 2014 461
Problems of Adaptation to Kindergarten of Early-Aged Children: Analysis and Recommendations 461
Dostoevsky’s and Frank’s ideas of freedom 461
Философия религии: альманах 2006–2007 / Отв. ред. В. К. Шохин. М.: Наука, 2007. 498 с. Философия религии: Альманах 2008–2009 / Отв. ред. В. К. Шохин. М.: Языки славянских культур, 2010. 528 с. Философия религии: Альманах 2010–2011 / Отв. ред. В 460
Old Testament Anthropology in the Translation of the Septuagint: the Composition of the Human Being (Fundamental Principles) 460
To the problem of "historicism" in the Russian academic biblical studies of the late nineteenth century: F.I. Troitsky 460
The Pierce Pennilesse pamphlets: theatrical practice and the intellectual’s satirical gaze 460
Messiah, King, Prophet: priestly ideology in the Jewish War by Josephus Flavius and in intertestamental literature 460
‘I and You’ in Ebner.s Treatise ‘Word and Spiritual Realities’ 459
Mental and semantic potential of “tomorrow” and “now” adverbs in perception of time by russian and spanish native speakers 458
Epigraphy and Old Russian town planning: Gravestones of the end of the 15th—16th century and Kashin's town-planning structure 458
In search of the first Czech sentence. Kena’an glosses in Jewish manuscripts of Czech provenance 458
Designing the profile of educational bachelor's degree programs: a marketing approach 458
Diagnostics of the types of the civic world-view among the youth 458
Points of views about a courtly celebration: prose and verse at the court of charles VI 457
The Chronology of the Renovationist «Revolution» in the Russian Church in May, 1922 according to New Archival Documents 457
The Changing Construction of Doctrinal Dissent:Heresy in Early Christian Times 457
From the projects of parish reform to the notion of the “faithful”: Sergei Fudel’s reception of the ideas of the Brotherhood of Saint Moscow Metropolitans 457
Church History as Theological Discipline in the Context of Historical Education in the Synodal Period 456
«Anthropomorphism» as a Source of Religious Representations: in History and Nowadays 456
School book as an instrument of adaptation and integration of minorities: strategies of intergenerational cultural transmission in primers of Russian emigration of the 1920–1930s 456
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Is it Worth for Philosophy to Be Anything You Like? 455
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Philosophy of War in Georges Bataille’s Works 454
On the status of so-called “double” monasteries in Byzantine Empire of the 4th — 6th centuries 454
Is the «Culpabilization» innovative? 453
The University and the Gift: A Problem Definition 453
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The formation of Orthodoxy in Canada at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. 451
Repressive Actions of the State Security Communities Against ≪True Orthodox Church≫ Structuries in the Ukrainian SSR (1944–1953) (continued) 451
The “Lie” of the Eye-Witness 450
Взiaлъ, възялъ, вьзял: Processing Orthographic Variation in Lexico-Grammatical Annotation of the Middle Russian Corpus of 15th–17th Centuries 449
“Physician, heal thyself” (Luke 4:23). Professor S. V. Troitsky against the “eastern papacy” of Constantinople 449
Man is Openness. Henri de Lubac and his Criticism of the Dualistic Split between the Natural and Supernatural 448
A New Word in the Domestic Study of Schisms 448
The dialect of Gammalsvenskby: compiling a dictionary of an unexplored language (kofe — kon-fö́re) 448
«Маy the grace of the Lord be with you!» Letters of the Martyr Metropolitan Cyril (Smirnov) the Confessor Iraida (Tikhovа), 1934–1937 447
Ideological confrontation between the Church and imperial authority in Byzantium in the early 9th century according to hagiographical evidence 447
A Bit of History of Russophilism and Rusofobstvo in Bulgaria 447
Prayful Practics in the Pentecostal Environment: Religious Communication ³Up-Down´ 447
“Offi cial Section” Smolensk Diocesan Gazette as a Source on the History of Smolensk (1865–1918) 447
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The interpretation of Holy Scripture in hymnography and its connection with the patristic tradition with the troparion of the midwives in the Great canon of repentance as an example 447
Association of Religiosity with Norms and Values. The Factor of Religious Socialization 446
The Idea of Sophia in the Priest Pavel Florensky's Works 446
Patchwork-Religiosität: a study on the features of this phenomena in the modern German context 446
Fatherland on Earth or Heaven? A Problem of Localization of the Holy Tradition 446
Problem of Systematisation in Protestant Scholasticism 446
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On archetypes, fundamentalism, theodicy, religious consciousness and classical Marxist authors: commentary on K. M. Antonov’s remark 444
Hylomorphism in Modern Analytical Philosophy 444
Bow crosses of Russian North of the 16th-17th centuries. A review of Russian historiography 444
Preamble to the Sixth novel of St. Justinian’s the Great in russian written tradition 444
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Emergency of Russian Christian Psychology: Problems and Perspectives 443
«Partnership Parish»: the Factor of Priests and Laity Cooperation in the Development of the Orthodox Church Parishes Social Work in Contemporary Russia 443
The salon culture in the XVII century and the english heroic romance 442
Anti-church Terror during the October Revolution Through the Prism of the Historiografy 442
Color Scheme of Russian Baroque Iconostases (on the Example of the Monuments of St. Petersburg) 442
Designer project of phenomenological understanding of religion: F. Max Mueller’s comparativism 442
Evolutionary humanism and religion as interpreted by Michael Schmidt-Salomon 442
To the question about «the revisionist nature of sergianstvo» 441
Influence of the parent family model on future interpersonal relationships (the case of girls brought up in two-parent families and single-mother families) 441
The "Unabridged Church Slavonic Dictionary" by archpriest Grigory Dyachenko as a lexicographic textbook of orthodox culture of the late 19th — early 20th century 441
State authorities, clergy and parish councils of Russian Orthodox Church in Kalmykia in 1957–1984 441
Chalcedonian armenian aristocracy in the service of empire: military leaders and diplomatic agents of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos 439
Theology at the crossroads: philosophical or historical theology? 439
Violence and the Sacred in Georges Bataille's Philosophy 439
Psychology of Religion in Moscow University: Troitsky, Grot, Astaf’ev 439
Sociology of the Occult 439
On religious links between Mount Athos and Altai in the 19th — beginning of the 20th century 439
The Concept of Good in Francisco Suárez’ Metaphysical Disputations 439
Origen on role and rank of interpreter of Scripture: is wise interpreter an instructor of instructors or a disciple of disciples? 438
“I praised the lord”: John Marrant and the first great awakening in America 438
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De Montcheuil’s Teaching of the Presence of Christ in the Eucharist 438
Perfectionist premises of the thesis on the convertibility of the existing and the Good and Their possible subjectivist critique 438
Participation of students of Kazan theological academy in requiem for farmers in the village of Bezdna 438
The Community of the Orthodox Parish Church: Space, Place, and the Formative Factors of the Parish Community with Moscow as an Example 437
History as Vocation of Theology 437
Waves and Cycles of Religious Tension in History 437
Vision of the Future and choice of life in adolescence 437
The political orientation of the Russian Orthodox clergy in 1905–1907 as a historiographical problem 437
Moral foundations of the social policy in pedagogical discourse 437
The hybridized versions of the Life of St. Onnophrius the Great 437
The Blessed Egidius, the native of Athens and the Saint of France 437
The Arian controversy in the Homilies of the Patriarch Photios (Homilies XV and XVI) 436
Ranks of Students in St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1725-1732): Questioning Status and Corpus 436
The Sources of Some of the Anthropological and Cosmological Ideas of Sulayman of Gaza 436
Life of a rural parish on the verge of Revolution of 1917 (wih Enisei Governorate as an example) 436
Sermons in memory of St. Gurias of Kazan: on the problem of Dimitry’s of Rostov unknown texts 436
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The Mystery of History in Origen: a Conflict of Interpretations 435
«Semi-Renovationism» in the Patriarch Tikhon Church in the Middle of 1920s: Bishop Iacov (Mascaev) at Orenburg cathedra (1923–1925) 435
The Mystery of the Conversion of the Prince Vladimir and His Covenants to Russian People 435
Modern Orthodox Murals: Interdependency of Style and Decorative Program 435
Tychonius Africanus — Exegete of the Apocalypse 435
World-perception and civic positioning as a psychological and pedagogical problem of upbringing 435
Vasily Zenkovky: religious experience as basis for psychology of religion and religios upbringing 435
History and Truth: the interaction possibilities of theological and historical methodologies 434
“Apostolic” and “Imperial” discourse in the development of the Roman Primacy in the 4th century 434
«Strange bread has more than bitter»...Letters from Archimandrite Theodosius (Melnik) to Archimandrite Anthony (Sinkevich) 434
«The Holy Council» of bishops and the question about the secret elections of the patriarch in 1926 433
Ecclesiastical Governance in Eucharistic Ecclesiology 433
A Skeptical Pilgrim: Theodore Dreiser and the Russian Orthodox Church in 1927 433
Remark "Christ" in Kriukov Singing Manuscripts of the mid-17th Century 433
Beyond East and West: Icon and Russian Theopolitical Imagination 433
The musical embodiment of Life features in the second symphony “The life of st. Sergius of Radonezh” by A. Kurchenko 433
Empress Eudocia. Homeric cento 433
Theology in the System of Scientific Knowledge (in the Papers of the Discussion Concerning to the Theological Education in 1905-1906) 432
Pilgrimages of Teachers and Students of Ecclesiastical Academies to the Holy Land and the Holy Mt. Athos 432
Legal status of privatdozents in Russian universities (1803-1884) 432
Discussing with Schelling: The C. A.Eschenmayer's Philosophy of Faith 432
The Philosophical Idea of the Interrelation between Church and State in I. V. Kireevsky’s Works 432
Theoretical and methodological foundations of V. M. Bekhterev’s pedagogical concepts 432
Theological aspects of J. J. Overbeck’s project of Orthodoxy of the western rite 432
The educational level of the higher russian bureaucracy in 2 nd half of the XVIIIth — 1st quarter of XIXth century 431
The ‘cura sui’ idea in the Western educational concepts (℗αιδεĩα, humanitas, Bildung) 431
Interdisciplinary Studies of Western Esoterim and Culture Studies 431
The Concept of the ‘Crisis of the Priesthood’ by German-speaking Theologians of the 20th century 431
Aims, standards and approaches to religious education in present-day Europe 431
V. Mamleev’s psychology of religion 431
Origen’s doctrine of three senses of Holy Scripture in its relation to ancient models of threefold division of philosophy 431
Dictionary of christian words: setting up the list of entries 430
The attempt to legalize the church administration of the Leningrad’s diocese in 1926 as the prehistory of the “josephite-alexis” division 430
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Salt extraction by the Solovetsky monastery on the eve of the 1764 secularization 430
Social mobility of nobility of the first post-Petrine generation 430
The Idea of Religious Experience of W. James in Russian Religious Studies: Religious Thought of the First Third of XX Century 430
≪Socialism≫ as the Ideal of Priest Sergiy Bulgakov in the First Decade of the 20th Century? 430
Jansenism in the Evaluation of the Graduates of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy: from Ivan Troitsky to St. Tikhon (Bellavin) 430
Writings of St. Augustine as is the Case in Polemical Theology Middle of the 18th Century 430
Subjective experience of emotional well-being of teenagers brought up in diverse socio-psychological conditions 430
The Divine Service of the Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts in works of composers of the New direction (the turn of the 19th century) 430
The Russian revolution of 1905-1907 in comparative-historical context 429
«Somewhere there is a simple life and a world…» by Anna Akhmatova: the structure of motifs and imagery 429
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The history of construction of Russian orthodox churches in Switzerland 429
Militant atheism as the government policyduring the pre-war period in the Orenburg (Chkalov) region 429
Russian Psevdo-Augustiniana and the Translaition Projects in the 18th Century 429
International summer school in language documentation and linguistic diversity (Stockholm University, 23 June ‒ 4 July); 10th Scandinavian dialectological conference (Mariehamn, Aland Islands, 20‒23 August) (A. E. Mankov) 428
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Constantine and Donatist Schism: first steps of the emperor (313–314) 428
The Qur’anic anthropology exemplified by the concept of «breast» (sadr) 427
Sophia under a Bushel. The Sophiological Theme in the Heritage of «the Alternative Orthodoxy» 427
The Entry of Henry II into Paris (1549). About the Principles of the Building-up of Image in Renaissance Art 427
King James II in Foreign Historiography: the Main Scientifi c Trends and Approaches . 427
On spanish influences on uniate and orthodox religious literature in Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth of 17th century: problem statement 427
About the distribution of the theory «The Third Romein» Russia of the 16th century 426
Identifi cation of Sectarianism 426
Visualizing religion in the Russian Primers of the 19th - early 20th centuries 426
“The council of bishops were very surprised…” The documents about the story of lubenskiy and grigorianskiy divisions and the role of OGPU in the development of relationship between them 425
Philosophical Theology and Biblical Hermeneutics: a Discourse on the Post-structuralist Challenge 425
The Role of Bishop Grigory (Grabbe) in the Opening of the Parishes of Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia on the Territory of Moscow Patriarchate (1990–1995) 425
Psychology of 425
Patriarch Photios and his Role in the East-West Opposition in Assessing the Representatives of Russian Theological Academies in the late 19th - early 20th Century 425
Age periodization schemes in Russian pedagogical thought in the late XVIII - mid XIX cen-turies: from A. F. Bestuzhev to st. Pheophan the Recluse 425
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Spiritual but not religious respondents in contemporary studies 423
Teaching of Church and Theological Disciplines and Historical Training in the Imperial Moscow University 423
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Visual images of “Sovietness” in ABC book of 1920s and 1930s: content, structure, dynamics 423
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Two Fundamental Problems and Two Periods of German Speculative Idealism 422
St. Gregory of Nyssa’s Doctrine of Human Word 422
Principles of formation of clerical identity in Isidore’s of Seville treatise On ecclesiastical offices 422
Passion of Saint Ireneaus of Sirmium 422
Un recueil hagiographique orthodoxe arabe de la bibliotheque de L’academie Roumaine et le probleme de l’origine de la promesse donnee au saint 421
The nineteen theses of Georges Florovsky’s dissertation “The hertsen’s philosophy of history” 421
Principles of presenting the material in Kazan Soglasniks of the XVIIth century 421
Letters of St. Athanasius (Sakharov) from the Archive of Hieromartyr Seraphim (Samoilovich) / The publication of O. Kosik, O. Hailova 421
The Anthropology of Apollinaris of Laodicea in the Works of V. Nesmelov 421
Orders of admission to the Orthodox Church from the Renovationist Schism. Documents of Patriarch Tikhon and Patriarch’s locum tenens Petr, 1923‒1925 421
New epigraphical sourses about plague epidemic 1654 in the Moscow Russia 420
«Apocalypse and Russia»: Eschatological Theme by S. N. Durylin 420
Christian Architecture of North Africa (4—6th Centuries). Carthage 420
The Oecumene in the Scripture: the necessity of taking into account cultural and historical context in contemporary biblical apologetics 420
The political views of N. I. Turgenev in the decembrist circles 419
Hierarchs of the Russion Orthodox Church on the Eve of "Great Terror". The List of Hierarchs from the Investigation Case of Metropolitan Seraphim (Alexandrov), 1937. 419
Josef Gantner and the prefiguration of scientific creative work 419
Luterans-iconographers in Peterburg in the XIXth century 419
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"Officium et miraculi sancti Willigisi" (F.183 №368) from the collection of the Russian state library: special features of the iconography of dedication miniatures 419
Reports of the Minister of Education P. Zavadovsky as a source of the history of the Ministry 419
Characteristic features of coptic encomia from the period of the cycles (7–8th centuries) 418
The Socratics and the λογοσ προτρεπτικοσ in the Fourth Century BС 418
Troestrochie’s popevki (on the materials of singing book Prazdniki) 418
The first travel of Macarius iii ibn al-Za'im, patriarch of Antioch, to Moscow (1652-1659): contacts and conflicts 418
Bondman-composer Leo Gurilev and his sacred music 418
The Russian Chursh Abroad and Vietnam war according to emigre ecclesiastical periodicals 418
The Humanist Reception of St. Basil's Homily In Illud: Attende Tibi Ipsi In the XV–XVI cent 418
The Apostles’ and the Athanasian Creeds in the Religious Writings of the Metropolitanate of Kiev (16-17 th. centuries) 418
Lyrical Subject in the Poem "The Lover Tells of the Rose in His Heart" 418
The authors of the collection of papers "Vekhi", and K. N. Wentzel on formation of creative identity of the person 418
Church and historical knowledge as elements of the younger generation education and preservation of the Cossacks' national/identity in conditions of emigration 417
Psalm 151 of the Septuagint: a Subject Analysis 417
The Problem of References of Proper Names: Theological Aspect 417
Prolegomena to any future religious studies that may appear as Christian religious studies 417
Spiritual-religious interpolation Princess Alice of Hesse (Grand Duchess Alexandra Feodorovna) in the diary of crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich (Nicholas II) 1894: experience of identification and interpretation 416
«Belonging not to the roots of levit and not to an ecclesiastical school, i have always admired our ecclesiastical estate …» 416
The canonical «Replies» by the Patriarch of Constantinople Nicholas III Grammatikos (1084–1111): content, sources, history of the text 416
Music Thematic Analogies in the Works by Stepan Degtyarev and Artem Vedel. The Phenomenon of Borrowing and the Issues of the Authorship of the Works 416
Monastic theme in paintings of the northern gallery of the church of the Holy Virgin (Ljeviška) in Prizren 416
Background and Perspectives of Introducing the Course on Religion / Religions into Syllabi in Belarus (Based on the Results of Sociological Survey of 2011–2013, Minsk) 416
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Holy Patriarch Tikhon in Publications of Moscow Patriarchate (1940–1990). To the Historiography of the Problem 416
The dialect of Gammalsvenskby: compiling a dictionary of an unexplored language (kruka-bäinatär — kǖḷ) 416
The Church life of the era of persecution through the eyes of a secret courier of the Ukrainian bishops: the investigative testimony of G. A. Kostkevich 1931 415
The evolution of state-church relations on the territory of the Orenburg (Chkalovsk) diocese in 1943–1958 415
Symbolic-allegorical defi nitions and metaphorical images of the Church in the newfound composition about Patriarch Nikon of the end of the XVII century. The publicatios of S. K. Sevastianova 415
The Differences in the Feast Day of St. Onnohprius the Great 415
About Some Reasons of Failure of Orthodoxy of the Western Rite 415
Police Investigations and Repressions of Soviet State Security Organs Against the Religious Movement of Podgornovtsi (Stefanovtsi) in 1930-1960s 415
Transformations of the Framing of Decameron in France of the 15th century: Antoine Verard’s Livre des Cent nouvelles 415
The permit for church's building in the post-reform Russia (on the example of the Moscow region) 414
The Solovetsky monastery peasants at the eve of the 1764 secularization 414
Repressive Actions of the State Security Against True Orthodox Church Structures in the Ukrainian SSR (1944–1953) 414
Confessional Records as a Source of the History of the Pskov Church and Clergy of the 1727-1762 414
Spiritual education of school students: the aspect of value-sense interaction 414
The educational level of the russian generals of 1812 413
Roman primacy and the development of the synodal institution in the period of the Arian controversy 413
Unpublished article of holy hierarch Tikhon (Beiiavin) / The introductory article, publication and notes of N. Suhova, descryption of the text by E. Kopylova, N. Suhova 413
The Liturgy of the Presanctifi ed Gifts’s Singing Range in Partesny Manuscripts of the 18th Century 413
"The Crayfish all the time moved back, The Pike was carrying it to water...": Reflections on the present state of research on Western esotericism. 413
The Saratov diocese in 1917-1930 years. a Memorial note by A. A. Soloviev 412
Political and Religious Aspects in the ≪Slavophiles≫ Perception in the Early 20th Century (A. A. Kireev, F. D. Samarin, D. N. Shipov) 412
17th summer school of spoken Sanskrit, Institute of South Asia, Heidelberg University 412
"Preparing for professorship": the Establishments and Practices 412
Conservative criticism of culture as a method of history and philosophy: advantages and drawbacks 412
The “notes” of F. C. La Harpe as a source on history of Russia at the end of 18th — beginning of the 19th centuries 411
Pedagogical heritage of the Russian teachers of the God's Law of late XIX – early XX centuries. 411
The letters of the holy martyr archpriest John Vostorgov to holy hierarch Tikhon, the Patriarch Moscow and all Russia 410
St. Ambrose of Milan and the origenian doctrine of three senses 410
Church silver in the monetary reform of 1922-1924 years 410
Theological Responses to the Challenges of European Utopian Tradition: Some Teological Programmes of the First Half of the 20th Century 410
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The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby: Compiling a Dictionary of an Unexplored Language (häils ‒ īs-tapp) 410
Women in heterodox communities 409
The image of war in the articles and notes of Vas. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko during the Russian-Turkish (1877—1878) and Russian-Japanese (1904—1905) wars: the stories and the social stereotypes which formed it 409
Organization of children's leisure. Pedagogical approaches in modern education 409
The concept of myth in the Russian religious philosophy of the 20-ies of XX century 409
Orthodox education in Modern Russia: structure and content 409
A centre for religious education in the present-day Orthodox educational space 409
After reading the "Synodikon" 408
The materials of Patriarch Tikhon’s case about the incident in the Vladimir diocese 408
Theological Foundations for Church Ministry and Established Posts for Lay Persons in the German Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council 408
Moscow University professor M. S. Korelin and student movement at the Moscow University in the late 19 th century (according to the diary) 408
Terminological Meaning of the Notion «Decorative Program» for Orthodox Murals 408
«Red Ritualism» in the Territory of Don Oblast in 1923-1924 408
To the Question of Information and Publishing Activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in the early 20th Century 408
The Bishop of Rome in Late Antiquity / Ed. G. D. Dunn. Farnham; Burlington, 2015 408
«Oratio by Presenting to Princess Sophia Alekseevna a Book of Augustine, Titled “Bogovidnaya Lubov”» by Karion Istomin: The Text and its Context 408
Russian Foreign Clergy in the 19th Century in Western Europe: General Tendencies and Peculiarities 408
Theistic evolutionism and the problem of Theodicy 408
«Thanks for remembrance about me»: letters of sainted hierarch Luke (Voyno-Ysenetsky) to priest Martin Rimsha the publication of hegumen Agathangelus (Dayneko) 407
Was it possible to reform the Orthodox parish in 1890-s? The diocesan hierarchs on the transformation of the parish council of trustees (prihodskie popechitel’stva) 407
The image "Descensus ad inferos" (Harrowing of hell) in Western European engravings of XV - XVII centuries 407
Problems of History of the Siberian Church in N. N. Ogloblin's Works 407
Russian Poll-Tax Registers (Soul Revisions) as a Source in Historiography of the 1970s to 2010s 407
The "German Mass" by Dmitry Bortnyansky: Current View on the History of the Work 407
The Canons of Our Fathers: Monastic Rules of Shenoute/// / B. Layton, intr., ed., transl., comment. Oxford University Press, 2014 407
Baldassare Galuppi and Music for the Orthodox Liturgy 407
Systems of pronominal enclitics in old russian language of 14th and 15th centuries (with testaments and treaties of princes of North-Eastern Rus’) 407
Faith and Scientific Knowledge 406
The Teaching of Bishop Feofan on Grace and Pure Love in the Context of the Ideas of Saint Augustine 406
Gombrich and Wind: rituals and misteries in art criticism iconology as didactics and poetics 406
Activity of Russian Orthodox clergy in establishing parochial schools in the second half of XIX — the beginning of the XX century 406
The history of appearance of the Ministry of Public education in the domestic historiography 406
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VIII congress of the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (East Mediterranean University, Kyrenia and Famagusta, Northern Cyprus, 14‒18 September, 2015) 406
Mistery of the Manuscript from Berliner Singer Akedemie. On the Question about the Spiritual Work of M. Berezovsky 406
The time of day in the descriptions of the deaths of russian saints in the XIV-XVI centuries 405
The structure of the offices in the Tropologion of 8–9 cc. And in the Menaia of 9–14 cc. 405
Socrates the Pythagorean: an Invention of Plato? 405
The Last Case and Death of «Moscow Metropolitan» Boris (Rukin): to the Issue of His Suicide 405
Story about the Pious Israelite Hasanain. Translation (transl., comment. S. A. Frantsouzoff) 405
The polemics about the historicity of Jesus Christ in the religious studies of the Soviet period 405
Russian spiritual tradition through the conception of «The Confessionalization field» 405
Puhtitsa Uspensky Convent (of Dormition) During Years of Church Persecution (1944–1962) 405
The Genesis of Myth in V. Solovyov’s Early Writings. Myth as Theogon 405
On expressive and aesthetic use of terminology: an attempt of communicative analysis (with russian and croatian linguistic terms as examples) 405
Reception of St Gregory of Nyssa and St Jerome’s Views on the Holy Places of Palestine: Chrysanthos Notaras, Patriarch of Jerusalem 405
The beginning of a «new age»: the christmas symbolism during the reignof the emperor Alexander I 404
Резниченко А. И. О смыслах имен: Булгаков, Лосев, Флоренский, Франк et dii minores. М.: Издательский дом РЕГНУМ, 2012. 416 с. 404
S. N. Bulgakov`s religio-political quest (1905–1917): from «the autocracy of antichrist» to «the theocracy of white tsar» 404
Епископ Нолинский Александр (Малинин): забытый исповедник 404
Greek versions of the Life of Saint Onnophrius the Great and an archive by Father Joseph Paramelle (s.j, 1925–2011) 404
A. Brusilov's Wife Portrait: N. Brusilova at Her Motherland and in Emigration 404
The Saint Filaret and Blissed Augustine 404
Ideo ego dixi; papa Vigila: St. Columbanus’s Letter to Pope Boniface 404
A study of level of cognitive closure among Orthodox Christians 404
“Rise to pray”: on the character of religiosity of the present-day old believers 404
Priest G.S. Petrov and his “case”: legal process over the church journalist 1906–1907 404
To the question about the beginning of the Eucharistic disputes of the Moscow of the XVII century 403
The First Women’s ordination in the Episcopal Church of the 1970s 403
The Architectural Decoration of Limestone at Kolomenskoye: the Collection Survey 403
Resumption of Church Life in the Stalin (Donetsk) Region Under German Occupation (1941–1943) 403
Moral Development: Contemporary Approaches 403
Transformation of fine arts: a subjective view from the perspective of post-non-classical psychology focused on christian anthropology 403
Programmes of concrete-sociological studies of religiosity of population by A. I. Klibanov and A. I. Demyanov 403
The participation of the Ukrainian bishops in the Affairs of higher administration of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1925-1937 402
Preamble 402
State policy towards the catholic church in Lithuania in the 60-70 years of the XIXth century in perception of catholic clergyman 402
Father P. Florensky and V. Rozanov: a dialog between a priest ana a family man. 402
Kiev art environment in XVIII century: icon-painting workshops and icon 402
Towards the question about the liquidation of the Moscow residence of Valaam monastery in 1920s 402
The Universal Primacy of the Patriarch of Constantinople: The Origin of the Theory 402
Chronicles the legacy of the Vyatka region as the primary source of Orthodox literary traditions of the region (historicalbibliographic analysis based on archival documents) 402
“Prudens faber fortunae” in J. A. Komensky’s treatise Faber fortunae and the “Christian hero” in G. Vico’s pedagogical works 402
Oktay of church singing of edinoverie chant: to the problem of the church singing tradition of Edinoverie Church 402
Trends in the number and status of members of Orthodox non-governmental organisations in the second half of the 19th — beginning of the 20th centuries 402
Participation of women in the Arsenite schism (1265 – 1310) 402
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Development of church organization in the 4th century in the light of modern Orthodox and Catholic historiography 401
Religious Fundamentalism/Religious Modernism: Conceptual Adversaries or Ambivalent Phenomena? 401
A short introduction to the section. Care of the Self as a Reality in Ethics, Pedagogics, and Psychology 401
Confiscation of Church Reaches in Donetsk Region 401
The Roman Synodal Letter Confi dimus Quidem in the Context of Relations Between the Churches of East and West (370–379) 401
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Crito the Socratic: an Example of a Fictitious Representative of a Philosophic School 400
«Silent silences»: the letters of hieromonk Hierarchus (Bocharov) to holy hierarch Athanasius (Sakharov) 400
The Orthodox parish in the Russian Empire as an object of fi scal policy of the secular and ecclesiastical authorities in the late XIX — early XX centuries 400
On the Question of the Authorship of ‘Pevchaya Psaltyr’ (Chant Psalter) in the Old Russian tradition 400
About the liturgical singing of the Moscow Danilov Monastery 400
The Principle of Orientation to the Norms and Values of the Client in the practice of psychological counseling 400
“Having got Tired of the Storms That Covered Europe, I Retired to Switzerland in Search of the Peace”: F. G. Golovkin in Switzerland 400
Transformation of the Punitive Policy of the Soviet State Against the Orthodox Church in 1939–1941 400
The dialect of Gammalsvenskby: compiling a dictionary of an unexplored language (kimmar — kodest) 400
Scientists of Russian Ecclesiastical Academies and the Sacred Earth (XIX - the Beginning of XX Century) 399
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The state-church relations in Estonia during the years 1944 - 1953 399
Confessional maintenance of teaching Orthodox oriented subjects at school (regional aspect) 399
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The Home as the Educational Space. Taking as Example of the Family of the Professor, Priest St. I. A. Artobolevsky, Father of Academician I. I. Artobolevsky 399
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Spiritual-moral education: subject and content 398
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The professorate of Moscow University (second half of XVIIIth — first quarter of XIXth centuries) 397
Karl Beth and Karl Holl: two Pioneers in the Field of Comparative Religious Studies and their Work at the Theological Faculty of Berlin in Regard to Orthodox Christianity 397
Spiritual authorities of the secular age: M. P. Saburova’s spiritualist diary 397
The Issue of the Number of Priests in the USA and the UK in the Second Half of the 20th Century 397
Christianization as a stage in the development of Armenia's civilization 397
On the Way to the Religious Training of the Population in the Era of the Reformation: the story of the Creation of the Small Catechism of Martin Luther 397
The Problem of Genealogy of Metropolitan Vladimir (Bogoiavlenskii) and Archbishop Vasilii (Bogoiavlenskii) 397
Religious personality: the search for structure and content 397
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The clergy and social mobility: the phenomenon of «raznochintsy» as the subject of social studies 396
Saint Augustine and Saint Philaret of Moscow on the Participation of the Government in the Conversion of Heretics and Schismatics to Orthodoxy 396
Four Deaths of Saint George 396
Stone in the Gospel of Matthew 396
Church Vestries as Part of Church Administration in North Tobol Region During 1810-1860 396
From Mount Athos to Dungeons of NKVD: the Way of the Cross of Archbishop Damaskin (Maluta, 1883–1946) 396
An attempt at assessng meta-subject competences of secondary school students (based on the work with texts) 396
Non-traditional genres of Russian spiritual music in composers’ works of the turn of the late 19th — early 20th centuries 396
Superstitions, funeral ceremonies, and old russian epigraphy 396
The problem of supply of the Russian army on the eve of the First world war in the assessments of military 395
Faculty of Philology. The Chair of theory and history of languages: PhD thesis defences (2012–2013) 395
"Church Slavonic" as a Lexicographical Token 395
The Issues of the Diocesan Organization of the Breton Сhurch in the 9th Century 395
The Problem of Subjectivity of Knowledge and the Natural Verbal Process 395
Formation of professional identity of students of bionomic professions disciplines 395
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Discussion on Christianization of Everyday Life among St. Petersburg Clergy in 1907–1908 394
Archimandrite Tikhon (Bellavin) and hieromonk Antonin (Granovsky) in 1897 394
The «Keleyny letopisets» by Dimitry of Rostov and «The World Chronicle» by Johannes Nauclerus 394
The ≪Ukrainian question≫ in the relations between Constantinople and Moscow at the beginning of the 21st century 394
Attitude of Abbot Serafim (Kuznetsov) towards Renewal Dissent on correspondence with Tychon Clergy of Perm Eparchу from Jerusalem in 1927-1931 394
The Place of God in Spinoza’s Universe 394
The Western European Sources of the Iconography «Fruits of the Passion of Christ»: «The Living Cross» and «The Tree of Life» in Russian Icon Painting 394
he ways of transmission of religious knowledge in the communities of old believers in south Vjatka 394
The course of lectures on hagiology by Georgy Fedotov at the Theological Institute in Paris. New evidence 394
Values in Education: Experience of the UK 394
Spiritual concerto as a choral cycle at the turn of 20th and 21st centuries: features of genre and style 394
Painting of V. M. Vasnetsov in the Vladimir cathedral in art criticism of the late 19th century 394
The activity of the Vologda surgical hospital in the community of the sisters of mercy at the beginning of the 20th century 394
Verb inflection in the dialect of Gammalsvenskby 393
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Education and Care of the Self in Metamodern and Metamodernism 392
The Moscow Synod of the 1503 392
K. P. Pobedonostsev and parish schools of Russia in the early 20th century 392
Towards the question about therole of hierarchy and clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church in the liquidation’s campaign of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church in 1945–1949 391
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Church Life in the Stalinskiy (Donetsk) Region in 1944–1953 391
The diocese of Smolensk on the eve of the revolution. Documents from a report on the status of the Smolensk diocese in 1916 390
From анамнесис to апокриф: a fragment of the “encyclopaedic dictionary of christian words in russian” 390
The Understanding of Community in the Russian Theological Tradition of the Second Half of the Nineteenth and the Beginning of the Twentieth Century 390
Sapientiam sine eloquentia prodesse non est dubium: the rapport of wisdom and eloquence in the work of Isidore of Seville 390
Church slavonic corpus: opportunities, methods of compiling, prospects 390
The St. Petersburg department’s activity of the Moscow society for religious education directed on acquainting the western christians with orthodoxy (1871–1880) 390
From the experience of work on the dictionary of contemporary church slavonic 390
Secularization and Postmodernism: Religious Processes among the Young in Today’s Russia and Europe and Their Social and Theological Reflection 390
The Secularization of the Estates of the Eastern Monasteries and Churches in Wallachia and Moldavia in the Early 1860-s and Russia 390
The Perception of Ideas of I. Kant in Theological Heritage of St. Innokentii (Borisov) 390
Old hagiopolite footwashing rite in tropologion SIN. GR. ΜΓ/ΝΕ 56+5 390
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The Renovation Schism in Taganrog and Shakhtinsk-Donetsk Deaneries of North Caucasus (Rostov region) 388
Toward the History of Relations of Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Callistrat (Tsintsadze) With Chairman of the Russian Orthodox Church Aff airs Council G. G. Karpov in 1944–1947th 388
Question about Patriarchal Synod "Marcinowski" period 1925-1927 387
The Roman Catholic Teaching on the Parish and Religious Communities 387
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The metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia Cyril ii: his activities for the revival in Russia Church life after the Mongolian invasion 386
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“In the hour of trial”: the spiritual life and socio-political issues in sermons Archimandrite Alexander (Lovchiy) 386
Principles of methodology guiding the study of religion as found in the work of Friedrich Heiler 385
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The German language in Russian seminaries of the 18th century: From the history of cultural contacts 385
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Free-Religious Communities 385
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Laientheologie or Christian Philosophy? 384
The mission of st. Michael the Synkellos and the graptoi brothers in 9th–14th century sources: metaphrastic principles and historical memory of iconoclasm 384
The origins and theological grounds of the Origen’s concept of the triple sense of Scripture. Part one: the critics of valentinian doctrine of three human races in Clement of Alexandria 384
Exarh of the Bulgarian Church metropolitan Stephen and the Moscow Patriarchy 384
The receptions of literary disputes against heretics in Josephite literacy (based on «The Word about the Incarnation» by Daniel Metropolitan) 384
In the battlefield and in the rear in 1914-1916: based on the diary of Archbishop of Novgorod and Staraya Rusa Arseny (Stadnitsky) 384
The Renovationist Schism in the Don Region and the Activities of «Archbishop» Melchizedek (Nikolayev) 384
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Traditional family values of Orthodox Church within the education of primary school students 384
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Early Christian Basilicas of Northern Dalmatia and the Kvarner Islands: the Problems of Typology 383
Irmologion BAN 16.15.13 - a Unique Treasure of the Middle of the 18th Century 383
Integration of agiographic literature with the content of education as a resource of spiritual and moral education of schoolchildren 383
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Pavel Florensky on Religious Experience and Religious Dogma 381
Lev Shestov as a Theologian and the Theology of the Great and Ultimate Battle 381
Slavonic-greek-latin Academy in Moscow and its reforms from the 2d quarter of the XVIIIth c. up to the beginning of the XIXth c. in the context of evolution of the high education in Russia 381
Confessor’s path of ordinary regent. Taisja Josifovna Mishchenko 381
The problem of the anthropology of art in the religious and philosophical thought of Vladimir Veidle 381
Poems by J. H. O. Djurhuus (Introduction, translation from Faroese by O. Markelova) 381
Problems of a technique of teaching orthodox culture at school in aspect of the state and church relations 381
Developing prerequisites for economic consciousness in primary school-aged children of dysfunctional families in the context of psychocorrection 381
Schism in the Baptists’ Church: Initsiativniki and “Religious Extremism” in Interpretations of Soviet Atheistic Literature 1960–1980 381
On the possible influence of Judah Loew ben Bezalel’s ideas on John Amos Comenius’ didactics 381
Priests Belozerovs and some scenes from the history of booklore in Perm region: what inscriptions on cyrillic books of the 17th — 18th centuries say 381
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The potential of geopolitical factors in the successful stylistic analysis and dating of the Romanesque portal in Egischem 380
Psychology of Religion of Dr. Martha Anatolievna Popova 380
Formation of Modern Child Identity in the Context of Social and Cultural Situation their Development 380
The Psychological Analysis of the Propensity to lie in Preschoolers in the Context of the Moral and Ethical Development 380
Spiritual concerts by S. A. Degtiarev in the light of musical rhetoric of the 18th century: 250th anniversary of composer’s birth 380
In memory of a friend - Nicholas E. Emelyanov 379
Questions of history of the Russian Orthodox Church on Theological conferece of the Orthodox St. Tikhon humanitarian University: I-XX (1992-2010) 379
An Introduction to the Study of the Soviet Esoteric Underground from the 1960’s to the 1980’s 379
Cistercian exempla of the late Middle Ages: from history to rhetoric 379
Towards the Story of the Parishes’ Reunion of the West European Exarchate with the Moscow Patriarchy in Post-War Years (1945–1946) 379
The Emergence and Further Development of the Idea of Papal Primacy 379
Сharitable activities of Alexander Andreevich Zhelobovskiy 379
Literary character of the New Testament corpus. Discursive criteri 379
A New Monograph About the Historical Path and Mission of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. 379
The Infl uence of the Imperial Topics on the Serbian Monumental Painting of the 14th Century by the Example of the Composition "The Heavenly Court" of the Assumption Church of the Treskavac Monastery 379
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The Church life of the era of persecution through the eyes of a secret courier of the Ukrainian bishops: the investigative testimony of G. A. Kostkevich 1931 (Concluded*) 378
The soviet power’s attitude to the Latvian Orthodox Church in 1940–1941 378
On the 10th anniversary of professional research and teaching activity of the pedagogy and methodology of primary education department of Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University 378
The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby: an attempt at compiling a dictionary of an endangered language (a - brist-bäin) 378
The financial basis for the functioning of Western Siberian departments of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society at the end of XIX - beginning of XX century 378
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The stay of Archbishop Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) in Novosibirsk (eyewitness) 377
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Anglican church in the Russian Empire (late XIX – early XX century) 376
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The Word 374
≪Deprive of Monasticism and... Send... to the Places of Previous Dwellings≫ 374
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People of clergy origin among the elite of Russian Empire (XVIII - first quarter of XIX century) 373
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Parmenides as a Source of Religious Philosophy in Antiquity 372
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Syntactic properties of Russian enclitic particle ‘zhe 372
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Valentin Ickelsamer’s Textbooks: Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of Schoolbooks of the Early New Age 372
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Development of Value-Semantic Sphere of the Personality of the Student by Means of Social-Role Forms of Group Activity 372
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Saussure’s Concept in Interpreting Features of the New Testament Text 360
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Features of mental health of adolescents brought up in different conditions 360
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Addenda et corrigenda 328
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The Secular State and the Establishment of Secular Ideology in Law and Public Policy 327
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Methodological problems of researching the interrelation between creativity and synesthesias in musical performance 327
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About faith, life, and death of Ulvila 326
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Christian terminology in the Arabic-Ethiopic Glossary (14th century) 324
Problems of history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century were discussed at the 27th Annual Theological Conference at St. Tikhon’s University for the Humanities 324
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Subjects of expansion of Byzantine Empire to the East (10th–11th centuries). Terminology 324
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Agreement of the verb with a quantifying expression, which includes the word проценты "per cent" 323
A social pedagogue in the orthodox community: methods of professional activity 323
Semantic features of religious ideas 323
To the History of the Saint-Boris-and-Saint-Gleb Cathedral of the Staritsa 323
The staffs of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University took part in the VII Saint Ignatievsky readings (Stavropol) 323
The Teaching of Diodore of Tarsus: the ´Logos-sarxµ or the ´Logos-anthroposµ Christology? 323
Formation of Bases of Intercultural Competence Children 6–8 Years 323
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XXII Annual Theological conference of St Tikhons' University 322
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Educational Lesson as the Co-existence of the Learners Upbringing and Development 322
Two patterns of gothic style in the architectural thinking of the Enlightenment 322
Work statement of Scientific-Methodological Seminar 321
The Prophecy of the Two Witnesses (Rev 11: 3-13) as a Symbol of the Historical Path of the Christian Church 321
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«The Praises of the Virgin Mary» in old veronese (the end of the 13th century): some linguistic and stylistic features 321
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«The story of my life» by G. A. Gapon: how and why it was written 320
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Interfaith situation in Western Ukraine in 1939-1941 (after the "first" joining the USSR) 319
Fedor Polikarpov's Slavic-greek-latin primer (1701): the history of creation and sources 319
The initial period of literary written tradition in Sicilian (XIV–XV cc.) 319
Features subjective experience emotional well-being in adolescence 319
Methods of teaching Orthodox culture as a new area of didactic science 319
Scientific searches and local history notes on Smolensk shrines. 319
The potential of network interaction and network design for the formation of educational space of higher education institutions 319
Staircases in Novgorod buildings of the 11th and the first half of the 13th centuries 319
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Sect Studies in Ussr: Terminology and Approaches 318
Pedagogical system of formation of inclusive readiness of teachers. 318
Biblical Quotations in the chronicle of Takla Giyotgis I, the king of Ethiopia (late 18th century AD) 318
The Construction of Vaults in Novgorodian Architecture of the Premongolian Period 318
Cathedral Schools in Medieval Germany. The Case of Halberstadt: Ideas, Objectives and Resources 318
Unknown notation in an Old Believers’ manuscript from the Hermitage library of Tomsk state university collection 318
Little People of Russian Underground 318
Relationship between the cognitive process and semiotic act in the linguistic and communicative models: the experiment “recording the sequence of signs by memory” 318
A Friendly Action and the Meaning of Ethics 317
XXII Annual Theological conference of St Tikhons' University: relevant problems of XXth century Church history. 317
Construction of effective educational practices of modern religious education 317
Christian and apologetic aspects of the course «The natural-scientific worldview» within the scope of training of bachelors for specialization «Primary education» at the pedagogical department of Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University of Humanities 317
The roofs of the Novgorodian buildings of XI – fi rst half of XIIIth century 317
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Naval officers — graduates of Russia’s naval educational institutions of the second third of the 18th century 317
"Proud to be your first and most loyal subjects": led. kN. Konstantin Nikolaevich and led. kN. Konstantin on the throne 316
Noun suffixes in the dialect of Gammalsvenskby 316
The dynamics of the regulatory activity of the subject in a diffi cult situation 316
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Participation of Researchers of the Research Centre for the Contemporary History of the Russian Orthodox Church in an International Conference in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany 314
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New information about the views of the Distinguished Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev) to the problems of the Russian Orthodox Church 312
The Art of Pushkin Interpreted by Russian Religious Philosophers in the Context of the Problematic Interrelation of Philosophy, Literature and Religion in Russian Culture 312
Teacher preparation in the formation of personal universal educational activities of students on the basis of the orthodox traditions and values 312
Arius and the Three Hundred and Eighteen Orthodox Fathers in the Ethiopian Tradition 312
A decisive recipe: an attempt to establish school autonomy in late Stalinist Russia 312
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Canonised New Martyrs and confessors of Russian Orthodox Church: their pedagogical activity and views in the late 19th – early 20th centuries 311
Simple faith of Alexander Grin 311
Bible, New Testament, Jesus Christ, historical Jesus, biblical studies, Quest for the Historical Jesus, historical science, theology, John Meyer, James Robinson 311
Ph. D. K. V. Kovyrzina 310
The Ethnonymic Cognomens of Saints in the Orthodox Synaxarium: A Summary List with Linguistic and Cultural Scholia 310
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Graduate students of Historical faculty 309
Archpastor of the Restless XX-th century. 309
Development of methodological approaches to modeling and implementing educational practices for adults 309
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Discussion of the strategy of the war cruising in the naval circles of Russia in 1850-1870 306
Paper of young researchers seminar 306
Atheism in Theory and Practise in the Soviet School Between 1950–1960: the Example of Gorky Region 306
Research representations of students about the image of the teacher teaching university 306
K. D. Ushinsky and orthodox pedagogical culture of Russia of the middle of the XIX century 306
Personal history of V. A. Morozova. The motives of charity and social activities 305
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Staff members of the Department of Contemporary History of Russian Orthodox Church took part in the 11th International Educational Sreten’e Workshop (Helsinki) 304
Ph. D. in St. Tikhon's Orthodox Universicy 303
For the 10th anniversary of the faculty of history 303
Charity 1860-1880-ies. in journalism M. N. Katkov 303
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Morality as a predictor of individual behaviou: the prospects of integration of personological and socio-psychologicalapproaches 301
About the best in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra betrothed Patriarch Tikhon 300
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Cross-cultural study of professional and civil identity of university students from Russia and Belarus in context of attitudes to leaving the country 295
Nizhny Novgorod diocesan Council in 1918-1921. 294
The role of critical thinking and reflective culture of teachers in teaching orthodox culture and spiritual and moral education of pupils 294
The training of teachers of religious culture and secular ethics in the system of modern pedagogical education of Russia 294
The first world war and the Russian officer corps 292
Scientific-Methodological Seminar 292
Spanish centric buildings of the Jesuit order 292
Jubilee celebrations in honor of bishop Athanasius of Kovrov 291
The memory of the Bishop Yakut and Lensky Zosima (Davidov) 289
Strannye golosa (peculiar voices) in «Kluch razumeniya» and theory of old russian chant second half of 17th century 289
Revisiting the miniatures of the Prophet Book dated back to 1489 287
The dialect of Gammalsvenskby: compiling a dictionary of an unexplored language (konn — krubb) 287
“Dark age” of palestinian monasticism: decline and revival of near eastern monasteries at the turn of mamluk and ottoman epochs 286
Archival materials of V. F. Odoevsky: general overview 285
Culturological approach to teaching elements of orthodox culture in secondary school 285
The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby: compiling a dictionary of an unexplored language (laitär — lū) 285
Transformation of greek loanwords in coptic (with monastic rules of Pachomius and Shenoute as examples) 284
Psychology of religion in Post-soviet Russia (1990s) 280
Ph. D. priest P. Kondinskii 279
Distinctive features of grand vespers of All-Night Vigil in Grebenshchikov old believers’ community in Riga 279
Dramatic, tragic and salutary history of Russian Church in a new manual from St. Tikhon’s University for the Humanities 277
Education in Roman Palestine. Part 1. Jewish Elementary teachers and schools 276
Revolution, Revolutionarism, Culture 275
Samoglasen stihiras in Stikhirar' Mineinyi of the latter half of the 16th century 275
Mutual relationship between autocratic syndrom and career orientations of university students 275
Spatial relations “right vs. left” in Katharevousa: corpus-based study 275
A dictionary of locutions from liturgical books by protopriest A. I. Nevostruev (мѵро-мѵрсiнѡръ; набдѣваю-напрасный) 272
Ethiopian kings’ family and marriage 271
Itinerary of Zosimas to the Blessed sons of Jonadab: shedding light on its arabic orthodox version 271
League of Churches: on one unimplemented project of the Patriarchate of Constantinople 271
Office hours of soviet scholars in the period after World War II 270
Fichte's Philosophy of Religion and the Gospel of John 270
Legend and folktale in Russian literature of the first half of the 19th century: genre indications and genre strategies 269
Political Red Cross in the Russian Empire and abroad (1906-1914) 268
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Towards the origin of evidentiality in nakh-daghestanian languages: structural and areal perspectives 266
Ballad traditions in Gumilev’s early poetry 265
Evolution of the attitude of metropolitan (patriarch) Sergiy (Stragorodskiy) to the renovationist schism in the 1920–1940s 264
Patriotic attitudes in the space of education and upbringing 263
Retrospective analysis of emotional experiences in primary school by students of a pedagogical university 263
Martyrdom in North Africa of the 4th — 5th centuries: self-identification and polemics 262
Poetry of Þórarinn Eldjárn 260
Tohu wa-bohu. Translating and commenting on Genesis 1: 2a in european tradition 260
John Northbrooke. A treatise wherein dicing, dauncing, vaine playes or enterluds with other idle pastimes etc. commonly vsed on the Sabboth day, are reproued by the authoritie of the word of God and auntient writers 258
Anthropology of Semyon Frank: A New Perspective 257
Historiography of Jansenism: seven approaches 257
Idea of apostolic succession in the epistle of St. Firmilian of Caesarea to St. Cyprian of Carthage 257
Reflection of architectural traditions in belfry of Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius: the project and its realisation 255
Religious teaching of Elena Ivanovna Molokhovets and orthodox tradition 255
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Admonition on the transience of the world as a genre of old amharic poetry 253
Early Christian architecture of the interior of Dalmatia: problems of typology 253
Religious and philosophical synthesis of L. Tolstoy and A. Huxley 253
«All pupils are being drawn to the picture»: Nikolai Korf's guide to visually-aided teaching of literacy 251
Towards the history of establishment of Russian old-style parishes in Finland in 1925–1927 251
The concept of the Primordial Man (Adam Kadmon) in jewish mysticism 251
Russian liturgy by Rodion Shchedrin «The sealed angel»: a riddle of a genre title 250
Triadology of Joseph Volotsky 250
Triconches in Balkan architecture of the 4th — 12th centuries 247
Paul Tillich: theologist in the time of changes 246
Kamchatka in the fate of Irkutsk archpriest P. V. Gromov (1801–1880) and in his academic and memoiristic heritage 246
Principles of arranging the cycle of storyline miniatures of the Four Gospels from the Austrian national library (Theol. Gr. 154) 245
Message to the World: on the 3rd symphony by Nikolai Korndorf 245
Chants by Degtyarev in pre-revolution editions: problem of veracity of published note sources 244
The phenomenon of exorcism in catholicism: analysis from the perspective of religious studies 243
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Study of positive identity of teenagers 240
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